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  1.  very good but expensive!


    considering that i spent 35 quid on this, i thought it would have at least come with a charger which it didnt. i feel a little dissapointed about that, but on the actual controller itself, i think it is a very good design as it is simple and very light. the baterry on these last me ages, but this maybe because i dont play my ps3 that much, but still it feels that i rarely have to charge it, and when i do it charges quickly. overrall this is quite pricey, but as it is essential you will unfortunately have to pay it, and its worth getting this official one other than a cheap one, as they are not reliable.

  2.  better than average


    not as addicting as the other call of dutys, story too short, rubbish maps online but... i do like the special ops. its good with your mates especially if youve got a mic. but i miss nazi zombies from world at war, so if they could put something like that in to download then it would be better as you can only have two people for special ops, and you cant playing with random people which is rubbish

  3.  good


    when i first got this game, i have to say i hated it. but i carried on with the campaign as i didnt want my money to go to waste. i thought the controls were too fidgety, but after playing online for a couple of days, i soon got used to the game, and found myself enjoying it more. you do have to just spray the bullets as no time for aiming, but the gameplay is great. although i have got into this more, i dont seem to be playing it much, in fact hardly ever, as i dont feel it has the addicting feature that cod has. but overall it is good and worth getting

  4.  fantastic


    Wow this film is brilliant. The joker has to be one of the best movie villains, if not the best. Heath ledger looks amazing with his smudged make up as the joker, and played him brilliantly. One of my favouate films and clearly the best batman film ever

  5.  short and makes you feel dizzy


    Well the the way the film is shot, it makes you feel dizzy with the camera moving all about and shakin. The story line isnt very good either. You dont know where the thing came from and wot caused it, if they killed it or not.
    The film gets off to such a slow start with 15 mins with hardly anythin happening, and the film is only 1 hour and 10 mins, which is way to short to make a good film.
    But, the camera does give you a first person view which is unique and original, but i wouldnt recommend any other films shot like this
    Would reccomend a watch especially as its £3, but i would warn you it is not a film you can watch a couple of times, and will probably stay in your collection without being watched again

  6.  call of duty


    This game is quite a good game. The campaign is short but good compared to other game campagin. Online is ok, but can get a bit boring after a couple of hours. The one thing i do like is the nazi zombies, when you complete the campaign. Gets very hard after you pass the tenth level.

  7.  a bit far fetched


    Well this film is quite a good film overall. But at the start i thought that this would be awful as the man jumps from one building to another. But after that it got better even if there were bits that made me laugh because they were ridiculous. Like when angelina jolie bends the bullet in a whole circle to kill everyone. But unlike the matrix the assassins dont have powers so how can they jump from one building to another. Thats why it doesnt get 5 stars, but it is worth a watch with some good bits in it

  8.  saints row


    Well the graphics havent improved a bit since the first one, so they really havent put that much effort in. Also it is basically a clone of gta and in my opinion not as good as it. Well what more can i say than this is a overrated game

  9.  Ummmm................ok


    When this film was advertised, it look fantastic. But i have this film is average and didnt live up to my expectations. It is probably one of the worst zombie films i have ever watched. I know its only 1h 36mins, but it still feels too long and it is quite boring as there is hardly anything going on in the film

  10.  £20......eh


    This game is excellent. I thought that 08 was good so expected this to be great and it was. Much better than pro, and why is this so cheap. As the best football game out and this is an amazing price, so buy before the price goes back up to more