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  1.  The Film That Keeps On Giving


    As an investment, Fight Club is the film that keeps on giving. No other film comes close to the joy of watching a film for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time and getting more out of the film each time. What sort of crazy journey does a man have to take in order to find his soul mate? The beauty of Fight Club is that, in-between all the macho posturing, brutality and extreme violence there is a wonderful story of self-discovery and true (if mental) love. Unjustly derided and abused on its release and a flop at the cinema, this film never got the accolades it was due during its cinema release, but like all great films, has proved a star performer on DVD and is set to take off on Blu Ray. David Fincher is one of the greatest of the modern directors and, unlike many of his contemporary peers (Michael Bay take note), uses special effects sparingly and to great effect. Just watch the extras on the extended edition DVD for revelations on the detail that went into even the briefest moments. The extended and 2 disc versions are overloaded with extras and the Blu Ray looks to add further features to this already packed list.

    Brad Pitt again proves he is one of the most underrated character actors alive today and shows he can give a much more believable unstable performance than that of his 12 Monkeys role. Edward Norton, in a career defining role, is a revelation as the narrator of the story and main protagonist. He shows that the promise shown in American History X the previous year wasn't just a one off. However, Helena Bonham Carter steals the show from such a Man's movie by being as screwed up and frankly bonkers as the rest of the cast put together. Marla Singer is many things, but a typical love interest she is not. If you want more to recommend this film try Meat Loaf, with massive (fake) man-boobs, acting his heart out.

    Fight Club is arguably one of The greatest movies ever made, certainly the best film ever to come out of the 90's, even more so than Pulp Fiction, and a must see for anyone who is interested in collecting a masterpiece of modern filmmaking.

  2.  No Plot Spoilers Here


    From the opening moments of the film, the mood and pace is unlike any other film ever committed to the big screen. The film takes its time to wind a long, but ultimately rewarding cinema experience. Heath Ledger truly captivates the screen in a wonderfully deranged performance and the energy levels ramp up whenever he appears. Christian Bale is suitably moody and the supporting cast members never disappoint. Watching the film on the IMAX screen just enhanced the film to the next level and I would advise anyone who has the opportunity to view the film this way to do so. Watch this film, it is truly wonderful entertainment. Cant wait for it to come out on Blu Ray.