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  1.  Good value for money.


    For those who played the original Monkey Island games you will feel right at home with this offering.
    The voice actors are the same from the third game onwards which gives a nice feel of continuity.
    Many of the puzzles have a trial and error feel to them but it is satisfying when you get it right. Try to resist the temptation to look up a play guide as the areas aren't massive so with a little patience you should be able to work out most of them yourself.
    I must admit to being disappointed with the graphics. They stick to the Monkey Island feel but at the sametime look four or five years out of date.
    The game provides roughly ten hours of humourous fun which for 18 pounds (at time of release) is good value in my book.

  2.  Underrated series.


    For Brotherhood, think of The Sopranos if they were an American-Irish family (only without the annoying shrink).
    The program slipped under the radar for a lot of people which is a shame as it is a powerful, well written and superbly acted tv drama.
    It is centred around two brothers on opposing sides of the law (one a politician, the other a gangster) whose worlds often merge into one.
    I have already mentioned the Sopranos and there are a lot of similarities between the programmes with their penchant for moments of extreme violence but the way that they both use those scenes sparingly as to garner greater effect.
    There are only three seasons of Brotherhood and I highly recommend buying them all if, like myself, you are a fan of great american drama.

  3.  Good mix.


    Unlike most 90's compilations this one isn't top heavy with boyband music which makes a nice change.
    There are some real gems here like Scarlet - Independant Love Song.
    A few duff songs but in all a good compilation that will fill in a few gaps in most peoples collections.

  4.  The best just got better.


    The biggest improvement over 2010 is how much more smoothly the game runs.
    I have sleceted 5 countries with all their leagues as playable compared to 3 with 2010 and whereas previously the game would crunch along slowly as it processed a days results, this time everything moves along very quickly and smoothly.
    The new match engine is nice (I like the way that at some of the smaller grounds you can see houses and shops behind the stand).
    It is easier to sign players without it dragging on for weeks as clubs counter-offer eachother.
    Easily the best management game in the world and now more user-friendly for anyone who hasn't played the series before (there is a button to give you tips on anything and everything in the corner of the screen).

  5.  Great Value.


    Dragon Age Origins and its expansion Awakening are two of the best RPGs of all time.
    The graphics are ok - good and admittedly your parties movement can be a bit cumbersome but it is the story that makes the game.
    Particularly in Origins, you will find yourself bonding with the characters that make up your party and desperately trying to avoid having them die.
    This game has great replay value as you can play the game again as different races/ classes from different backgrounds such as nobles or slaves.
    People react differently to you depending on your characters class/ race/ background.
    The only real let down would be most of the dlc which is uninspiring at best.
    Still as you are effectively getting that thrown in for free with two great games its no big deal.
    A must buy for those who don't already own it.

  6.  Civ re-invented.


    Where to start.
    I have waited a couple of days to post this review in order to give myself a chance to play the game properly.

    Units and building now take ages to build (as do land improvements) which puts paid to the old strategy of grabbing as much land and resources as possible at the beginning of the game.
    Too expand your territory around your cities now you actualy buy the surrounding tiles one by one. Don't panic as you have a steady income of gold to start with and if you capture Barbarian camps (which there are plenty off) you get 90 gold for each one.

    I quite like the overhaul of combat. It is no longer possible to form the dreaded stack of doom. Instead you can only place one unit per tile. So move your melee units up close with your siege and ranged just behind them.
    This forces you to use a variety of units to get the best out of your army and works better than it sounds.
    Cities are harder to capture as well. You really have to wear them down and they can start launching barrage attacks at your units as soon as you move within two tiles of them.

    I have been playing the game on quite a high level and am glad to say that I have yet to encounter any of the blatant cheating from AI opponents that blighted Civ 4.

    A couple of gripes.
    My PC is pretty decent but I am having to play on low settings to avoid the game slowing down too much.
    Also the game has crashed a view times when I have tried to skip the intro on bootup.

    Something that will please most people is that the huge maps are now just that, HUGE.

    All in all this is a great game and a big improvement on Civ 4.
    It plays a lot differently and takes a bit of patience to start with but I think it is better for the changes.

    Still, I must go. It is time to teach those Frenchies a lesson for daring to inhabit the same continent as me!

  7.  Greatest game ever!


    This game is immense in size. The good thing is that the free-roam world isn't just an empty wasteland with random bad guys to boringly kill over and over again. It is full of bunkers, settlements, ruins, cannibals, raiders, super mutants and most importantly you will find yourself stumbling upon new quests all the time.
    When you hit level 20 take the explorer perk as it shows up all locations of note (apart from vaults which you can get from the vault-tec hq in DC).
    I had been playing the game for ages and thought I had discovered most places only to have another 30-40 appear on my map when I took the explorer perk.
    It is best to use the VATS combat system. It works very well and it is worth remember that this isn't an out and out FPS.
    One bit of ingame advice.
    When doing Agathe's quest to collect an old violin from one of the vaults (92 or 96 can't remember which) you will notice a settlement to the east of it.
    Be very careful if you head there as it is full of Deathclaws, the baddest creatures in the waste! You need to seriously gear up to take them all on (bottlecap mines and either the missile launcher or Fatman nucleur rocket launcher worked for me).

  8.  Excellent


    I decided to have a complete overhaul of my home entertainment set-up and bought this at the sametime as a new Samsung TV.
    I am glad that I did.
    The load times are very quick and the controls on the actual player are very light to the touch which feels nice.
    I have also found that its remote is interchangeable with the one I received with my tv which can be handy when fumbling for it in the dark.
    You get six films with it and they are a nice mixture. Just think what six Blu-rays are worth and then take that off the price of the whole package and you are effectively getting a player for around sixty pounds.

  9.  Nice top.


    Nice looking and comfortable hoodie.
    It's not very thick material so more of an autumn/ spring top than one for winter.
    I agree with the previous reviewer that it is worth getting it in a size bigger than you would normaly wear.

  10.  Quality product.


    This is an excellent tv. The picture quality is very good and clear and it is easy to setup and tune in upon purchase.
    The menu for the tv's features is very straight forward and easy to follow.
    I bought a Samsung Blu-ray player at the sametime and the pleasing thing is that both the tv and Blu-ray remote controllers are interchangeable (save a lot of hassle of fumbling around for the right controller while watching a movie in bed).
    Like most HD ready tv's or other products it doesn't come with a HDMI cable so it may be worth purchasing one at the sametime.
    You can get a good quality cable from play for just a fiver.
    All in all this TV is the perfect size and quality for a bedroom or study.
    Highly recommended.