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  1.  Should be a film


    This Should be a film !, the storyline the drama i wouldn't be suprised if it was tarentino doing it as a side project

  2.  Disapinted in the director


    I loved both Transporter and Transporter 2, and I couldn't wait until opening day of Transporter 3. . My big disappointment was with the director's comic fast-frames in the fight sequences. Jason Statham moves so fluidly in fight sequences, that it's both beautiful and a turn-on to watch. However, with jerky camera movements and the ridiculous fast-forwarding, the elements of grace and power were lost. The director tried to substitute plenty of still moments with a shirtless Statham in an attempt to give us some eye candy, but none of this did Jason justice, nor was it a fitting substitute. Natalya Rudakova was much too young for him as a romantic interest (kind of creepy), and I was unconvinced by her cheesy accent and her character's incongruent language mastery. Her character went from describing gourmet delicacies in perfect English to saying "what means ____" (insert basic word).

    I loved François Berléand again, and of course Jason put in another outstanding performance. Natalya could have been a fun character, without the bad accent and romantic twist to the plot.

    Please give us a Transporter 4 more in line with the previous two films!!

  3.  Family Fun


    I generally love animated movies but the first Madagascar did nothing for me. This sequel was absolutely hilarious!! From start to end it will keep you entertained. I feel as though the sequel caters to an older audience as well as the kiddies, which makes it way more enjoyable. The king as well as the penguins just stole the show in my opinion and made the movie a lot more adult friendly. This is definitely one of my favourite movies of '09 so far. The comedy was spot on and story had a lot more heart than the first one. I wont spoil the movie but its definitely a must see and believe me.. the worst part is when the movie ends its that goodwith them after spending so much time at the Central Park Zoo.

  4.  Lacked a Creative ending


    In california, the caucasian chris mattson and his afro-american wife lisa mattson move to a house in a safe compound. The racist and dysfunctional next door neighbor is the abusive lapd officer abel turner that feels uncomfortable with the relationship of the newcomers and transforms their lives in hell on earth

    There's an inherent problem with making a movie of this kind: Unless you're a creative genius of your time, these sorts of movies have the potential to turn real generic, real fast.

  5.  Best HeadPhones i have ever had


    Better than an ipod, better than an mp3 player, better than using your phone , and there actually stylish and you get good looks of girls on the train rather than the bad ones you were expecting

  6.  Designer


    Really good material and design

    But with all designer stuff order one size bigger i dunno how to do returns so im gunna flog it to a mate :) as i sadly bought one too small

  7.  Very Well USB Stick


    Firstly The Brilliant Green is Orange

    Very Well Protected:-
    Very Well Built :-
    Very Well Designed:-
    Very well Speed ?:- its the fastest memory stick i have had even faster than the 2.0

    Not Really a Triple Pack Just Three Units Selotaped Together

  8.  Excellent Value


    I have previously used this type of model and it is reliable all external hard drives ar compatible for mac but it has to be formatted and can only work for one or he other

  9.  Bored after 20 min but was promised it would get better


    And it did fantastic it got the awards and deserved it.
    Story line develops into a classic well worth watching and especially at this price

  10.  Al Round Good Game


    All round good game challenging for the 1 player

    Enjoying for the Splitscreen With Your Freinds

    Great xbox live connection