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  1.  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Easiest wa to put it,- if you got an ipod touch they're more or less the same when it comes to playing games and usage of the device! of course without phone functions, but when it comes to apps theres so many cool ones about that use functions not availible on the touch e.g. apps that use the camera or mic, though the touch does have a mic built into the headphones, if you want to decrease the amount you carry around the iphone is for you, you'll have internet, ipod, camera/video camera, sat nav, phone, organizer, games console (some of the games graphics are awesome - better than DS/psp.) downside - cant seem to send or receive photos through bluetooth to/from other make phones! but seriously thats it! BUY ONE!

  2.  Does what it says on the tin!


    Just bought this phone for my nan, it normally takes her ages to get used to phones, but it only took her a couple of hours for this one! Its also got a cool light at the top of this phone just press the up button twice on the directional pad! downside - when i was entering the numbers i kept hitting other keys! They seem to be very small! apart from that a bargin!

  3.  Never even entered my game radar!


    To start off i'm not a fps fan! Bought this because everyone at work did, and recommeded i did the same! Now i'm totally addicted to the game! Story mode is brilliant! I've heard the first game had a short story mode! This one in my opinion was a good size! With a really god story! The multiplayer is so addictive! Hard to get into at first, but within a couple of hours you'll be dealing out head shots in no time! Goes to show, if you try something new you just might like it, or in this case get totally addicted to it! Must buy!

  4.  Street Fighter Back 2 Winning Ways!!


    Really cool graphics, great 2 look at! Lots of Characters (to unlock)! My only problem with this game is that the 360 pad doesnt do the game any justice! the high punch/kick buttons are RB and RT making it a bit harder to pull off combos etc! might be worth buying the pad made for the game?