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  1.  Zzzzzzzz


    i went to see this when it was new out with my gf and i was so bored i was falling asleep. there was no humour and it was all talking. if your a huge facebook fan then maybe you may like it but the only reason why we watched it was because we travelled a long way to watch a film and then it was fully booked so ended up watching this boring thing. in my opinion one of the worst films of 2010.

  2.  "were not making an album"


    If you read inside, Linkin Park is telling us that this "Album" is a test to see if they can bring better music with better sounds in a future album. For example in the song "Blackout"... Chester sounds as if he is having a fit...lol... but it sounds amaizing just like all the other songs and i think Linkin Park have taken a big step by doing this and i think it has turned out awesome and i give them a big thumbs up for doing so.. P.S.... LP = BEST BAND EVER!

  3.  based on the demo


    WOW! Band Hero is fantastic as it has all the songs that i love and one of the best setlists since Guitar Hero World Tour. There are many new features such as singalong where you can singalong to a song of choice, up to four singers and the same with guitar and drums. with the band pack it also comes with the all new red and white guitar which is awesome! and its like guitar hero 5 but much much much much better ! cant wait for the full game .

  4.  fantabulous!!!!


    first of all, i had the white one (xbox 360 premium) and it kept getting rrod, making a huge noise and kept freezing.... but since i have had the elite console i have had no trouble at all. no rrod, no freezing, quiter than my pc!!!! and it is much cooler than my previous consoles. i can keep this console on all day and it would still be cool. it is a great console and if you are thinking of buying an xbox 360, get the elite as it is well worth the extra money.. trust me!!!

  5.  What a step up from the first


    much better than the first game as this game is immense! due to the all new system. I cant stop playing it due to the fact that the multiplayer is awesome! its up there next to call of duty and gears of war as you can choose which side to go such as the autobots or the decepticons and fight each other in all sorts of ways such as a free for all, team deathmatch, capture the flag and more! i dont see why many people have bought it but if you loved the film, you will love the game as its much better than first.
    its definately a must buy!

  6.  ssssssllllllooooooowwww motion


    i think the gameplay is too slow as also you can jump like 20 feet in the air and suddenly begin to think your playing superman. but when there is a guy infront of you, you shoot him again and again again and again untill he finally dies. but this is after you wasted an entire stock of ammunition which on cod4 would have gotten you 60 kills. this is on both campaign and xbox live. the campaign is endlessly long as everytime you actually get some action you are facing the same guys again which is really boring! i gave it 1 star because i think it is a waste of money and time if you ask me. hope you found this truthful feedback helpful and will have second thought's on buying it.

  7.  what the ?


    i thought this game was awesome! but the online isnt that great. but what i didnt like was when i was racing pink slips for my nissan skyline when i was right at the finish and the game froze my xbox and it made me lose my only car except for the first car on the game. it also made my console crash several times before this but no other games has. i am going to sell this as i have to start it all over again which i really think has wasted my time. hope this helped you not to buy it.

  8.  game of the month


    This game is really awesome! I love the online modes because its a bit more realistic when playing an ordinary match than a hardcore match. The only downfall i think this game has is the campaign because there is not enough action because all it is, is people sticking their heads up so you can shoot them (target practice). But its a 5 star for the online gameplay.

  9.  gears of war 2


    Omg this is amaizing! I been waiting long and im glad i waited! This is definately worth buying if your a gears fan. I pre ordered like 2 months ago and it arrived on release date :). Thanks play.com!

  10.  amaizing!!!


    this console is so awesome! i also have a 360 but i now play on my wii more than the 360. it arrived within 3 days of buying it which was a big surprise! thanks play.com for the best gift ever!