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  1.  Was so fun while it lasted!


    Doesn't take too long to charge
    Can Take a lot of hit's n crashes
    i bought me and my mate one and we could fly them right next to each other because of the different frequencies (but you have to set up away form each other)
    All i will say is it's small and if your as stupid as me to try and fly it in your back garden at night time when it's windy, you will lose it. so don't be tempted to fly it in small, dark or windy areas. I bought mine when it was on offer and the only thing stopping me buying a new one is the price .

    Overall a great toy! You can also turn lights on and off which is pretty cool.

  2.  its pretty good


    for all those people like me who haves no idea what all those other people are talking about like 1080fps and rubbish like that. ill keep it simple, this cable is pretty good it improves the look of the game but i dont think the price is right for this, it should be a bit cheaper considerin u can get a game for the amount ur paying.

    so yea it makes it look better, but you have to remember the wii was not designed to be a hd console, it was made for everybody if you have a hd or not so dont expect great amazing graphics :D

  3.  educational and fun


    it was so funny i was playing this and my mum started talking to me i was like no mem cant talk now im removing a tuma from roy wilkingson.

    Evey patient has a name and a storyline so you really feel like your an surgeon.
    I think this is really fun, it can get boring if you play it non-stop but i think if you have breaks you will enjoy this game a lot more.

  4.  an actual review


    ok i hope everyone now understands this is not the official wii zapper.

    This gunholder is good but i'ts not as sturdy as the zapper and your paying 9.99.

    lets look at the wiizapper 19.99 so if we say the game is a tenner and the holder is the rest, well then your better off with the zapper because its more sturdy and your nunchuck and mote fits in perfectly and your getting a game with it.

    however if your not interested in the game and arent bothered that the remotes wont fit in perfectly, but do fit in nicely, then get this because you have resi evil uc to play call of duty 3, medal of heroes 2 is coming out soon , so theres plenty of games to play with this and im sure a bit of blue tac will fit the motes in perfectly, ive bought this mainly because im a cheapskate and im only a teenager who has to buy his own games and stuff. so if your like me get this

    gun holder + blue tac = near enough wii zapper for 10 pound cheaper :D

    i hope this helps.

  5.  Storyline and why it is top seller


    When persians are taking over all of greece one king refuses to go down without a fight. Even when the oracle and weird goblin things tell the king no it doesnt stop him. He takes 300 men with him and heads for those persian scum, With brillant fight scenes and breathtaking stunts, this is a must buy film for those who loved films like troy and gladiator.

    ok now i finished my professional review, this is my all time favourite film, i saw it in the cinema and had to get it, seriously if you buy this film and like those fight scenes you will not be dissapointed, their is gore bu its a proportional amount, i wouldnt recommend this film for anyone whos under the age limit -.- you know who you are :D

    BUY IT!