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  1.  So very close I had to give it 5 stars


    I have to say whenever I get a new game of this style I'm always skeptical due to the conversion made from PC. This did not disappoint. The game takes around 40 hours to complete and felt just about the right amount of time. I only had one glitch in the whole game which is quite excellent for a game of this size and content.

    As with all games of the Risen / Gothic series if you're not a hardcore RPG fan this will be too difficult for you and you'll end up with a broken controller or smashed TV. (or a critical review!)

    Upon completion I felt good about playing the game, not felt that way for a couple of years after playing a game...

  2.  Big drawback


    I really really enjoyed this game right up until near the end, the downfall with all games of this style and I have no idea what the developers think when they implement it but there's a level cap which really castrates the game (by 2 stars) No real incentive to download the DLC after you hit the max level...

  3.  Too small


    I ordered a 36 waist, can't even get them over my ass as they get stuck at my crotch, far too small around the nether regions!

  4.  Have square not learned?


    I usually don't write reviews and after reading others I thought I'd give FFXIII the benefit of the doubt.

    Starting the game all looks good, excellent graphics good intro. The first battle you come to is not what I usually expect from a FF game (reminded me a lot like FFX in ways) however I carried on playing. I then realised that the path seemed to run in a straight line throughout most of the game, is this what an RPG is meant to be like? Not to mention all shops are crammed in with save points, character interaction is the bare minimal with no towns to explore.

    Another point I like about RPG's is the sense of character improvement and uniqueness, which FFXIII lacks at severely in technical terms, mostly all characters are the same with no real difference in battles. Not to mention the boringness cliche character models.

    Overall very disappointed and thought square could have put more of what fans enjoy into this game rather than make a glorified movie out of a legendary series.

    2 stars for graphical effort however nothing more comes out of this game especially for avid fans of RPGs.

  5. Risen


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £11.72  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.13

     Veteran and dedicated RPG players only.


    If this is going to be the first RPG you have played, forget it. You will need to spend a lot of time and patience to get to grips with this game. At first like most of the quick to accuse reviews I was very frustrated with this. After a while you do gain more of an understanding with the game and it is not easy.

    Overall this is a great game and there are far worse games out there than this. I feel sorry for those who do not give the time or patience to games like this as they are really missing out.

  6.  One of my best purchases


    I was skeptical about this dvd player as it was only £50 and could play Divx. Easy set up, works perfectly and most of all does what I want it to! plays movies on CD-Rs, well worth the buy!