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  1.  What can i say?


    The Legand of Zelda, it's an evolution of gameplay from one generation of console to the next. Yes this game has a hell of a lot of hype to live up to and some big boots to fill due to previous installments but Twilight Princess does it all. I'm sorry if there are 'I liked crash Bandacoot better' reviewers out there dragging this title down; but if you've never been into huge RPG's like what the Zelda series is, then I'm affraid you never will be so please dont buy this game, its really not for you!

    This game is so in depth its unreal, the quality of the gameplay is second to none, it really does get you engroced and gripped to the game more so than any other Zelda ever before. For those who spend the time to search the hugely vast expanses of the map, you'll find mini quests that will help you hugely later on..eg Finding the howling statues dotted around so that you can learn new fighting techniques- something thats unique to this Zelda title. But i can't mark this title down like others have because its slow to begin with.....Isn't that what all good RPG's are all about, if anything, if it does take longer to get what you want out of this game, doesn't that give you some idea as to how incredibly huge its is? Plus i honestly don't think anyone out there will ever complete this game 100% on their own without a guide, there's just so much to do and so many mini quests that are off the beaten track.

    One thing is for sure tho, if your willing to put the time into this huge quest, it is massively rewarding. The satisfaction you experience is fab and yes, sometimes you will get annoyed with it and it can get immensly frustrating in parts but thats what a game like this is all about. Think of it as "Brain Training" Zelda style! You dont get it right the first time, you'll not be insulted by some cheesey bloke windging he's cold and wants some cocoa!lol No, you just take it as it is, you did something wrong, so do it again. With this said, Zelda Twilight Princess if definately not linear! far from it.

    The graphics are fantastic too! very clear and very vibrant, i was instantly impressed from the moment i turned my Wii on. Fantastic intro to any game. I do believe adding the Twighlight rehlem was a great addition and gave an instantly memorable moment to this game. Abit much to take in at first but flows brilliantly throughout the game.

    I suppose everyone is entitled to an opion and i do not mean to offened anybody but if we're all honest here, you'll not like this game no matter how hard you try if your after a no thinker! Its not a shooter, its not an arcade game and it certainly isn't Resident Evil lol. All i can say is that it is however, the best Zelda game yet and i'm the proud owner of it. As for it being the best game ever made- it more than likely is if you can see past the lengthy game play and difficult senario's and look at its innovation, gameplay, graphics, depth, storyline; this game offers it all as one package. A must buy for Zelda fans and a must buy for RPG lovers. You will not be disappointed, just play the game as intended, its a good 20-40hour game so get yourself stuck in, there's plenty of fun to have. (I've had this since launch and I've still not completed it)

    Oh and the price is right too! go on, bag yourself a piece of gaming genious.

  2.  Will these fit a picoo Z?


    I'm in despirate need of some replacement rotors, does anyone know if these will fit??? thanks