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  1.  The Most Unique Album I have ever heard- Even for Muse...


    Even for Muse this album is something spectacular.

    They managed to glorify their last album for 3 years, and it had its flaws. This album will go on for many years to come. It is extremely impressive.

    The band have written songs that sound like Queen (I'll let you guess that one!) and also Dr Who (as previously mentioned- once again you can guess that one!) Yet they have included their own influences which make the tracks amazingly beautiful.
    This is one CD where no matter what mood you are in, there is a track on there for you to enjoy. Muse have really outdone themselves this time, I really do wonder if even they can outdo this!

    This has to be THE album of the year. Very well worth the wait. Now it's here, so buy!!!

  2.  Absolutely love it! Can't ever get sick of it :)


    The Prodigy have officially made a comeback!!
    Their new bunch of tracks on this album are really great. My personal favourites are 'Invaders Must Die' and 'Take me To the Hospital'. However, on most albums there are a few songs that you don't like. This album isn't any different, because there's only two songs that don't appeal to my personal taste, which are 'Piranha' and 'Thunder'. But that just means I'm not obsessed with them as much as the other tracks!

    The point is, you can listen to this album over and over again, and guaranteed you won't get sick of it for a very long time! It's slightly different to what The Prodigy mostly do, (especially 'Stand Up'- I mean....WHAT??!) however it keeps the style that made them fabulous the same. Try it out, you won't regret it!!

  3.  Extremely good interpretation of the horrors of WW2


    This is an extremely amazing film to be watched. Why do i give it only 4 stars? Well in my opinion i think it's a bit "pro-american", and it doesn't mention or make any references to canadian or british troops, but then again it's an american film. The storyline is a very unusual one, but an addictive one nonetheless. There's only a few of "those amazing message giving films" out there, and i would say this is one of them.

  4.  Very iconic and unique!


    Who wants the regular white DS when you can have red?! At first I was unsure was colour to buy but not many people have this colour as SOMETIMES shops have it sold out. When I brought it, they had to give me the display one because the others were all sold out!! It's a really unique colour for a games console and the DS itself is brilliant. The shade of red helps the screen stand out more and look a lot brighter.

    Overall, it's very, VERY impressive! Buy!!! You'll regret it if you don't!

  5.  People have been expecting too much, but a brilliant album!


    I think some of the songs on here were either very very good or not good at all, but then again, you can't please everyone. I think the whole "15 year wait" has totally overrated this album and therefore people have been expecting the world from it, which i think is wrong.

    Some of my favourite songs are:
    - Street of dreams
    - Shackler's revenge
    - There was a time
    - Better

    There have been a few modern twists to the album as a whole which i think make it quite unique (especially to their other material) and yes, like i said, i think people are expecting too much of this album and for it to just sound like all their other stuff.

    The reason why i give this a 4/5 is because of how much it has changed, in some songs they have completely adopted a new style. However, i think it's money well spent and you should listen to the previews on itunes perhaps if you're still unsure.

  6.  A complete CLASSIC!


    I think this film is simply brilliant.
    For those who think it's not, then why has it won eleven academy awards and is seen by countries all over the globe?????

    Even if you have seen it before, it's a great film to own, because you never know when you will want to watch it, and believe me, you'll want to see it more than once at some point! £4.99 For a complete classic, buy!!

  7.  Good, but No Angel is better....


    I think more of the songs on No Angel are a bit more catchy, but nevertheless, I think that a few of the songs on this album were really good, such as:
    White Flag
    Sand in my Shoes
    This land is mine

    If these songs were on No Angel, it would make it a superb album.

  8.  Very good interpretation


    I thought that this interpretation of the classic novel "Jane Eyre" was immaculately presented, and if you're studying the book in class or anything, then I recommend you buy this DVD! It really helps with understanding the difficult plot. I think the acting is superb and it was definately worth buying, even if you're not studying the book!

  9.  Not Bad


    I got this as a present. The flannel is a bit small but apart from that it makes a great gift at £5!

  10.  Amazing value for two films!


    If you look at some of the other prices for the individual films, they're about £3.99 or so. For BOTH of these movies £4.99 is an absolute BARGAIN!
    I found that I enjoyed the first movie more than the second. I felt that the second needed a bit more to it, as if it shouldn't have ended when it did. Maybe that's because I didn't want to stop watching!