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  1.  Excellent - revives what it means to be a proper man!


    Absolutely brilliant book. If you have found yourself disillusioned at today's generation of men, and want to revive what it means to actually be a man, in the true, traditional sense of the word, then you need this book.

    Everything from style & grooming, to relationships, fatherhood, adventure, leading a virtuous life, and classic skills are covered. Some of my favourite sections covered are, how to:

    -Shave like your grandad
    -Be a perfect houseguest
    -Fight like a gentleman
    -Perform a fireman's carry
    -Ask for a woman's hand in marriage
    -Raise resiliant kids
    -Predict the weather like a frontiersman
    -Give a dynamic speech
    -Live a well-balanced life

    As you got through the book, it gives a real sense of what being a man used to be like, and if you have any fibre of charatcher in you, it pains you to realise how much the modern man is missing.
    Fear not though chaps, because manliness is in for a comeback, and this book is the perfect place to start.

  2.  A very good book - particularly for insight into the Army.


    I bought this book as I am thinking of becoming an Army officer, and let me say, it has been the most useful book yet for getting a very thorough insight into Sandhurst and life as a platoon commander, so...if you're buying it for that, I cannot recommend it enough.
    However, if you do not intend to join the Army, it is stilla very good book, and far better than many of the 'action packed' releases about the tough job in Afghanistan or Iraq - they are good, but this is a somewhat more intelligent and deeper account of the current war. Highly recommended.

  3.  A true Masterpiece...


    An utterly amazing story. Firstly, don't get put off by the fact that its a 19th century classic, and moreover the length. Granted, some of the very long passages about the politics of France at the time can be quite hard to get through, but get through it, as you will be so pleased you did.
    It is probably my favourite book I have read to date: the story is incredibly deep and moving. So much of life's wonders and depairs is covered here. What I found particularly brilliant was both the portrayals of those living in complete poverty and destitution, and also the kindness of the Bishop of Digne in the beginning 80 or so pages: such amazing writing could not help you but become emotional.
    I felt bereft when I finished this, and am trawling other classics to see if anything compares.

  4.  Look at the message inside the book!


    Ok, to start off, i agree with some of the 'negative' points often associated with the secret.
    Yes, the law of attraction and having a posotive mental attitude isn't a 'secret' at all, people have known it since the begginning of time. If you watch the film, the first couple of minutes is just rubbish saying 'the secret was buried, the seceret was lost, the secret was kept hidden blah blah blah'. I think this is stupid aswell, of course it wasn't, its just a trick to get people interested.
    The second quarrel some have with 'the secret' is of the claims it makes that you can just believe you will get something, and it will come. Indeed this isn't the case, as obviously, hardwork and determination are essential to achieving your goals.
    Anyway, i agree with all these points but...

    These aren't important. These aren't what rhonda byrne and the secret team are trying to give you. What is truly important and inspiratinal about the secret is the message inside. After reading this book my eyes have truly been opened. When you read the quotes from the past greats; ghandi, churchill, einstein etc. You can truly see they all knew it too! Ultimately, the message is that if you have a posotive outlook on life, think posotive, be happy, nice, and grateful to and for everything in your lives, you, and indeed those around you, will be much better off as a result. This isn't to say that you can just sit there and wait for everything to come to you though, work hard, be determined, and enjoy everything you do.
    Also, it is kind of like a bible in a sense, as you need to top up on it. After about a week of reading it first time, my amazing mood from it started to dip. I have found though that topping up on its knowledge does help a lot, and now i regularly refer back to it when i am having trouble. You should try it too.

  5.  Oh dear lord no...


    I am sure Stephen King himself was very insulted when they decided to call this 'Stephen King's IT'. Yes, he did wite the story, but the makers of this atrocity felt they could improve on it. So we end up with something that barely resembles the book at all.

    If you've read the book, you'd know that it would be hard to pull off, becuase King's brilliant writing almost always involved a kind of narrating combined with the thoughts of a particular character. Also the ending would be difficult (but i'm not going to spoil it). As this would all be hard, i wouldn't have cared if they at least stuck to the original story. But worst of all is the fact that some the things that make the book excellent, the things that make Derry, and its characters come alive, could have been pulled off but they haven't. The characters in the film are a discrage, they show no recognition of what made them great in the book at all.

    The only reason this doesn't get 1 star is because it is the film (hardly) of such a great book.

  6.  Sensational. A classic story of good vs. evil!


    You can see why this one sweeped the floor for all 5major oscars. One flew over the cuckoo's nest is an amazing film for so many different things. Jack Nicholson is absolutely fantastic as McMurphy, a man facing prison for statutory rape, but claims insanity to avoid going.

    This is a classic tale of one man daring to break to inhumane hold of the mental institution as a whole, and dares to stand up to those who oppose him (Nurse Ratched is particularly cold).
    It is a sad and chilling tale but full with hope.

    10 / 10

    A classic.

  7.  A very enjoyable watch, and an insight into Gangster life.


    I very much enjoyed watching American Gangster, as the world in which Frank Lucas has created is very intriguing. With some excellent performances from Denzel and Russel Crowe, you'll find even though it may be a heavy film at times, its pretty easy to watch.
    Although it is long (2 hours 30 mins), it manages to achieve a solid plot and a good ending, tied together with an insight into 60s and 70s corruption and the war on drugs.


  8.  An intelligent war film, not just about fighting!


    Jarhead is a breath of fresh air amongst recent action flicks. More recently, utter trash has been spewed out because idiots will almost certainly watch, just for the action. Jarhead is very different to this, as it doesn't have much fighting at all. Instead it is about the physcological affects on the modern soldier, and war in general.

    The cinemotgraphy is excellent, as is the acting, and it is very funny!
    Highly reccommended.

    Oh and to people who say it sucked because 'there wasn't any fighting'... you've completely missed the point.

    8 / 10

  9.  Hmmm, in light of the previous films... Dissapointing!


    Well, as everyone knows, Shrek 1 and 2 were both hugely successful and very good (Shrek 1 being slightly better), so i was expecting the same from Shrek the Third.
    That being the case, i was very dissapointed when it turned out not to live up to its predecessors! Granted, it is enjoyable for the kids, but what made the first Shrek so good was its references that everyone could relate to. This isn't seen as much in Shrek the Third.

    However there are a few laughs, so i can give it 3 stars for that, but if you're not that big a fan, or a young child, don't bother!

    5.8 / 10

  10.  No doubt a very good film, just not that enjoyable!


    Before i start, I'd just like to say that i do respect this film a lot, and i do regard myself as a good movie fan, so please don't just dismiss me as an ignorant fool, just becuase i haven't given it 5 stars.

    Firstly, the good stuff. Well for starters i like the setting. The Early America has always interested me as a fasicnating time, so i was over-joyed to hear There will be Blood is set in the time where 'Black Gold' starts turning ordinary americans into oil barons! Hoo-ray!
    Secondly, and significantly, is the acting. Daniel Day Lewis is exceptional and definetly deserved his Oscar. The milkshake bit at the end was great! Also Paul Dano does a great job too, in spite of the fact that he has the much more powerful DDL with him most of the time. Also importantly, is the overall presentation and directing. PT Anderson clearly shows he is a dignified movie - maker, and this shines through as a top class picture! Brilliant!

    HOWEVER. I love movies, and i always expect that a film must be enjoyable to watch. TWBB didn't really seem to do thsi for me. From the trailer i expected the scenes to be amazing, with a good script and acting, but the story didn't seem to do much, if I'm honest. I know this is what people will get annoyed at, but i was kind of boredm and left dissapointed that I wasn't as capitavted as led to believe. Personally, I prefered No Country for Old Men, as it has some pace and action to it, on top of all the things that make this film good.

    Therefore, with regret, I could only give There Will Be Blood 3 stars, as i feel it rises way above some of the crap that is released in society today, but overall it wasn't that enjoyable. I understood the whole conflict between greed and humanity, epitomised at the end of the film, but that wasn't really enough for me.

    Overall Presentation = 9 / 10
    Acting = 9 / 10
    Entertainement = 5 / 10