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  1.  The Definitve Reference to all War over the ages!


    'Battle', gives in enormous detail, each battle and war and civilizations over the past 5000 years. Its amazing! There are loads of photos, pictures, battle maps, the lot!

    If you're into that kind of thing, its so easy just to pick it up and have a look at loads of different Wars over the years.


  2.  House - the best medical show on TV!


    House is possible the greatest and funniest medical show ever, and its all down to one thing. House himself.

    Played by Hugh Laurie, he is spiteful, mean, sarcastic, annoying and so on... BUT, you just love him! He's absolute genius! I have to praise the script writers on this because his line make you laugh out loud, not for a particularly long amount of time, they just make you burst! Brilliant! Also Hugh Laurie plays him so well, the tone and expression that he delivers to the lines have made the character of House what he is.

    As far as the content of the episodes goes, this is pretty good as well. House is the head of a special diagnostics team who every episode get a special case where usual doctors can't figure it out. Some of the symptoms feel odd at the start but i don't think i can recall an episode that ends stupidly because of this. You'll be pleased with every case, even if it is a little hard to understand!


  3.  Stunningly Beautiful.


    Planet Earth, no doubt, is for everyone. If they don't want to see it, they're missing out on some of the most amazing footage of nature ever.

    As usual, David Attenborough delivers that calm and easy to listen to tone, making the whole experience feel even better.

    (check out the jumping Great White scene in the Oceans episode!)

    As far as documentaries go... 10/10

  4.  Best British Comedy Ever!


    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are superb as the comedy duo faced with a horde of limp zombies. Original and hilarious, it will keep you in stitches all the way through. Classic.

    Some of the quotes are masterful also.


  5.  Epic action movie with a great look into Samurai Japan!


    The Last Samurai is a truly great action movie as its cinematography and acting make it a beautifully crafted tale
    of the demise of Samurai Japan.

    The action sequences are rewarding and plentiful and Tom Cruise is birlliant!


  6.  Hilarious and sad at the same time!


    Planes, Trains and Automobiles is an absolute gem of the 80s
    ultimately due to how funny it is, and also sad at the same time. John Candy is superb, and he makes you feel sad as you know there are people like his character in the world.
    Steve Martin is also brilliant! MUST SEE.


  7.  Gritty, gorgeous, and just plain and simply Great!


    Casino Royale completely gives the James Bond series a desperately needed push in the right direction!

    Steering away from that ridiculous Roger Moore type rubbish that became of James Bond, riddled with stupid catchphrases, Casino Royale gets gritty and it really works. With amazing locations and great fight scenes, this is by no account a tired old bond film.

    This is all heightened by the fact that Craig plays excellently as Bond, even though many had their doubts about him.

    Excluding the earlier ones, this is easily the best bond film ever made!


  8.  One of the best films of all time. Truly exceptional!


    I have seen this movie countless times since it was out in 2000, i have it on my ipod and still watch it all the time.

    -Brilliant acting
    -Brilliant script
    -Captivating Story
    -Great directing (ridley scott is amazing)

    It saddens me that most people will prefer to watch rubbish like the saw films or 300 (it was ok but doesn't compare to this), and will just bypass truly great films like gladiator. get it now!


  9.  I cannot stress how good this is!!! and for £3!!!!


    The Shawshank Redemption is the absolute definition of a classic film. It is a harrowing, sad, amazing story, wrapped in
    pathos. Combined with the truly amazing score, it brings up all kinds of emotions.

    It should have easily one best picture, but in the shadow of Forest Gump (excellent, but not quite as good as this), it lost out. The acting is brilliant overall especially from Morgan Freeman, and if you've read the novella in Different Seasons (see my review for this too!), you'll know thats exactly how they should be played.

    In short, the best film of all time. Buy it now!


  10.  Brilliant.


    What an amazing book! its so easy to read and you can't find yourself putting it down! From the very start it grabs your attention and its just plain sailing from then on.