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  1.  Very entertaining!


    I was pleasantly surpirsed with Charlie Wilson's War, as it was not only interesting but entertaining and funny!

    The acting was also very watchable, especially Phillip Seymour Hoffman who was both convincing and hilarious. For a film about politics, this is surprisingly easy to watch! Don't miss!


  2.  Sensational - Wonderful yet Chilling


    Just like the Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, a Stephen King novel, is a masterpiece. You can tell because Frank Darabont did them both. He is clearly a genius.

    The Green Mile is a harrowing tell that will definetly leave you in awe at the end! The stroy is beautifully told, and it casts a light on the grim things aswell, like the executions.
    One in particular will chill your bones!

    In short - Epic 9.5/10

  3.  King is the ultimate storyteller.


    Brilliant book!

    Just like 'IT' King shows his true ability as an imaginative story teller in Different Seasons. His character moulding and
    plots are absolutely paramount and everyone should read this!

    Different Seasons contains 4 short stories, in which 3 have been made into great films, particularly Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, and The body
    (stand by me). These are amazing stories and the best of the lot, and are amazing films too.


  4.  THE coming of age classic...


    Stand by me is a brilliant coming of age story set in 1960s Maine and comes from the Stephen King Novella body, from the brilliant 'different seasons' (check it out!). King's amazing character developments and overall story shine through as well as some brilliant performances from all the young actors. Its very emotional and sometimes sad at times but thats what makes it great.
    The 30 minute featurette is also pretty good.


  5.  Amazing!


    Papillon takes place in the 1930s - 40s is the amazing true story of Henri Charrière (nicknamed Papillon, French for butterfly), a French citizen wrongly convicted of murder in corrupt times and sentenced to life in Penal Settlement in French Guinea.

    His style of writing is so easy to read and compelling that even before he gets shipped off to serve his life sentence you are gripped to his story. He tells his story of his amazing endurance and courage to try and escape many times, and you just think ' how does he carry on'! For days, months, even years he managed to keep himself alive and healthy by just pacing around his cell and thinking up escape plans, and plans for vengeance etc.

    Even more amazing however, is the extent of his numerous escape attempts and how each one is undergone. From his very arrival he says to the other prisoners he befriends he is going to get out and manages to make his first attempt a mere 42 days into his sentence. Truly remarkable!

    The only drawback, if any, is that it can be a little slow at times but his writing style manages to keep you there all the way through.

    Full of suspense, character, willfulness and depth, Papillon is one hell of a true adventure that is, to say the least, awe inspiring!


  6.  Abysmal!


    To cut a long sotry short, Eragon is an awful film.
    -Boring Action
    -Terrible Acting
    -Clichéd story
    -Cheesy script.


  7.  Exceptional


    No country for old men is hard to understand what its really about, however after finishing watching it you realise juts how good it really is.

    At times, its very tense, funny, and captivating. I didn't know what to expect, but it truly is brilliant.


  8.  Incredibly Moving


    This is undoubtedly one of the best films i have ever seen that will move in such a way about life.
    It reminds us that having a Positive Mental Attitude to life always works and that we should never give up with our dreams, or our family.

    For many, including myself, money and the promise of a steady future is not handed to them, and this film is a testament to that.

    This will definetly make you hurt for the characters in this
    film simply due to the empathy you can feel, provided through the great acting and amazing storyline.
    It shows us that there is good and bad in all our lives, and that well life gets depressing you can never give up, because you have one chance, and fighting for your dream makes it that more sweeter when you achieve it.

  9.  Pure genius!


    Just as good, if even better than series one, Extras series 2 is absolute genius!

    With such stars as David Bowie (the song he writes about Gervais' character made my sides hurt), Ronnie Corbet, and even Robert Deniro, Gervais and merchant have got themselves a brilliant foundation for cringeable comedy. With all the stars happily taking the mick out of themselves in each episode, heightened by the fact that Andy Milman is a sad, failing actor, there is no doubt this delivers.

    At times it is also heavy on the pathos, giving insights into some people's lives. This is what i think a good comedy has to have.
    Therefore this easily gets 5 stars as it does all of this, and more

  10.  Bourne is back!


    A lot of people ask me, who do i prefer, Bond or Bourne, and i often find myself saying, but they are different. Bond may have been completely revitalized with Casino Royale, but is just different to Bourne. There is no doubt that Casino royale is superb, bit its action sequences aren't quite as Ice Cold as those in the bourne ultimatum.

    There is also a gripping sense of that spy movie feel all the way through this film, with many locations like paris, london, new york and tourin. From a bustling sequence in London, to a high-top chase in morroco, the intensity is relentless.

    Bourne certainly delivers in this conclusion to one hell of a series. Paul Greengrass, you've done it again!