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  1.  Game of the Year


    This game is absolute joy, the platforming is simple, only 2 buttons jump and grab, the graphics are so amazing, the animations of the sackboy are extremely good and expressive, the whole game is physics based, and to make everything even more impressive, the level creation tales have the right mix of userfriendliness and depth of creation.

    The soundtrack has to be the best of 2008, it even beats that of MGS 4 imo.

    This game is the future of what community-based games will be. Welcome to game 2.0

  2.  Gets everything right... except the singing


    The game is great for everything, great menus, great mics, great games and great motion sensing. However it fails terribly when it comes to singing, doesn't register the pitch and just gives points however it feels like at the moment.

    This is a shame because it has a good song collection, but singstar is still the king of karaoke games...

  3.  This is how next gen racing should be


    Amazing graphics, a free camera mode to take pictures, the developers are clearly proud of their engine, and it shows : amazing draw distance, amazing textures on the vehicles, the drivers are well detailed, and the water/fire effects are just amazing. The best thing: it looks just AMAZING in motion, with a solid framerate, locked, never ever lags, even online with 16 vehicles trying to beat the crap out of each other.

    16 tracks, with the promise of DLC, this game will last you weeks/months.

    Clearly one of the ps3's budding and stronger franchises... stronger even than, dare I say, Resistance.

  4.  Great game, but what about singstore?


    Come on Sony, I understand that you release the discs for people who don't have access to PSN or singstore, but what about us who can access singstore and have already bought 20+ songs from your store? How about you give us the song packs to download, we don't like swapping discs at ALL...

    Overall great game, if you are a fan of singstar, and a fan of ABBA you know what to expect, it's just a shame sony isn't advancing with the times.

  5.  30 titles for 18 pounds, what's to complain?


    The game itself is very fun. Good choice of tracks, what's there to not like about.

  6.  Amazing game, but getting superseded quickly...


    As usual pro evo is amazing when you are playing with friends, the gameplay is fluid and the graphics are serviceable

    However, fifa 09 is just so full of features... if you want a full featured football game, buy fifa. If you just want a game so you can have a few hours of multiplayer fun with your friends, pes is still the king.

  7.  Amazingly simple


    I have just started cooking (uni days blah) and this cook book makes me feel like a chef! The recipes are simple, yet amazingly tasty, and there are many tips and helpful guides.

    You will be amazed at how much better home made food is compared to take away!