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  1.  Did I already play this one?


    First of all I would like to point out that not every aspect of this game is terrible. However, it does have many flaws. For starters the online is not worth playing unless you have the best internet connection of anyone in the game. the slightest problem with it and you will not be able to gain any kills or even hits.
    On a lighter note, the offline multiplayer is probably the best of the entire series as you can play modes such as One In The Chamber and Gun Game. Also, some of the new perks are a vast improvement on the previous games (including one that allows you to carry 2 primary weapons). As well as more death streak rewards that are much more helpful than ones in the previous game.
    The story mode and special ops are very similar to Modern Warfare 2 as are the graphics and sound but are still fairly enjoyable nonetheless.
    If you want my opinion then save yourself 20 pounds and just buy the second one or wait for this one to be available second hand (which probably won't take too long).

  2.  Great but...


    Burnout Paradise is a great racing game, great for all the road rage events and what not. However, there are 2 main problems which may put you off. One of the problems is there is no multi player mode other than party play. Although party play can be a lot of fun it doesn't have the normal events such as racing, road rage etc. The second problem is the majority of the extras mentioned on the box, such as extra cars, have to be purchased separately from the Playstation store. I would recommend getting the normal version of the game and saving yourself a few quid. Basically, the game is great as long as you don't mind playing it on your lonesome, just don't expect to get it and have a great multi-player game because party play is extremely limited.

  3.  What more could you want?


    Scream is not only my favourite horror series but one of my favourite series of all time. It takes a very simple concept and then twists it to make the audience confused until the very last moment. The direction of Wes Craven brings out the brilliance of the story and makes it one scare after another. I can watch these films over and over again because finding out who the killer is only makes the film more exciting when you watch it again. I would definatley give this film 10/10!

  4.  Was that it?


    I heard great things about this film. I heard that it was terrifying and the greatest horror film ever. After watching it (on my own) I wasn't scared during OR following the film. This film is highly over rated and I wasn't at all impressed.



    This is a descent enough film to watch and enjoy but only if it is not considered as part of the mummy franchise.

    The actors are different, Jet Li does barley any fighting and worst of all there isnt a single mummy in it! The characters keep refering to them as mummies but they have nothing to do with egypt or either of the first two movies.

    Fun enough to watch but not impressed.

  6.  As good as it gets


    The mummy manages to scare and excite the audience at the same time. There is a perfect blend of action, romance, horror and comedy which all tie together to make an adrenaline pumped action adventure.