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  1.  not as good as f1 2010


    is ok but seems to be lacking the fun factor that the last one had , they havent changed it much but it just doesnt seem as good

  2. F1 2010

    F1 2010


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    very good alrounder game, graphics are superb and the controls are simple , hard to master online but online is alot of fun but beware of people ramming u and ruining ur race , carnt wait for the next one

  3.  very good


    scooter and ultrabeat are one of the best bands going and this albums shows how good ultrabeat is

  4.  not as good as cod 4


    good game nothing wrong with the story line , online needs to be like cod 4 , hasn't got the excitment like the other games

  5.  waste of time


    one thing zombies dont speak and they are not intelergent either , films are great but games are the biggist let down in gaming history .its a slow game in changing weapons and whats the point in adding ammo to your guns surely it should do it by it self . not well thought out at all

  6.  not the best


    c mon who thougt to make a game like this its boring, online is rubbish and the guns are usless no a game to buy, graphics are good thought

  7.  top game great online


    fantastic ,missions are great and by far the best game online . r1 was good but r2 is much better, get it now

  8.  WOW!!


    What a game by far the best c&c yet . Graphics are great and so is the storyline ,very smooth gameplay and easy to use ,didnt lke c&c 3 that much but this game blew me away worth a buy defintly

  9.  love it


    Classic shooter my favourite game on xbox sence cod 4, shame u cant play it online then it would be fantastic,enemys are good and lots of levels never got bored ,took for ever to complete and very adictive , buy it now cheep but worth it.

  10.  very good


    Good game didnt like the first one that much and this one is a big improvement. Online is cool and a good story line but i thougt it was short. Completed it in matter of days worth a buy