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  1.  Quality album


    Fantastic album from HC, pretty much all of the tracks are good, the best probably being If we ever, Everythings different, Metamorphasis and Chances imo. Also, check out some of his DnB remixes, exceedingly talented, will probably be huge in the future. 5*

  2.  fantastic


    great product, means you can charge controller while you play and the rechargeable battery pack last quite a while. The cable is long so you can still sit as far away as you would with wireless controller. Plugs in through usb on front of xbox, apparently you can plug it into your pc aswel but i havent tried this. You will save the amount you would have spent on batteries fairly quickly, so all in all really good buy.

  3.  great, comfortable hoodie


    Really good material, feels soft and not too heavy. Keeps you warm in the cold and not too hot in warm weather. It looks like it does in the picture, not darker/lighter, looks really good in general. I probably would pay around 40 quid for it, so for anything under £20 its a bargain!

  4.  Wireless controller


    I always used to be a playstation man and when i ordered the xbox, thought the controller would be really awkard and difficult to use, but it really isn't. It fits in your hands perfectly and has a much better grip and shape than other controllers. The wireless option is also good because, especially if you've got 3 or 4 people playing, it means you can move around and sit further away without getting the wires tangled. However the one thing that annoys me is the consumption of batteries, which after a while can get expensive and if the battery runs out mid game it's frustrating. I would suggest getting the rechargable battery pack thing which is about £12 on play, it will save you loads in the long term and you can charge whilst playing. 4* : )

  5.  Unique and exciting


    Mirrors Edge is really fun to play and has some fantastic visual and sound effects and graphics, making it an intense and exciting game. There's no heads up display or icons in game either making it seem even more realistic. It's got a bit of an 'Assasins Creed' feel about it in the way you feel in control of the characters movements and the general idea of climbing over rooftops accross the city etc. However, after working through the storymode chapters, it can get a bit repetative after a while, as well as being frustrating at times if you are being shot at or having to restart checkpoints. The game could also do with some additional features and maybe some kind of online experiance, just to add some variety and increase the playing time. All in all a creative and exciting idea, but the novelty may soon ware off if it's not your thing. 4*

  6.  A good album, great band


    After the first album, hold your colour, in silico became hotly anticipated and rightly so. Pendulum seem to have taken a more diverse route with this album and tried to appeal to more listeners, but at the same time keeping some of the origional drum and bass feel. There are a couple of really good tracks like Granite, Different and the hit sigle Propane nightmares but with only 10 tracks on the album after they cut it down from 14 i think i feel it could do with a bit more 'meat' to make it into a truely great album. However theres no doubt that pendulum have the talent to make them one of the hotest bands of the year and hopefully we will see a followup release to in silico towards the end of the year. If you liked Hold Your Colour then you should like at least most of the songs here, all round a good buy 4/5 also they are one of the best live bands in the world at the moment go and see them!

  7. NHL 08

    NHL 08

    Xbox 360

    4 New from  £2.99  Free delivery

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     great game for hockey fans


    NHL08 is a great all round game with dynamic and entertaining gameplay as well as many different featurs which help increase the longevity of the product and improve it from previous years. Firstly, there is a 82 game league season with all the liscenced NHL clubs, as well as the AHL teams which adds a new dimension to the league seasons in dynasty mode. The in game features are also first class, with the 'skill stick' (right analog stick on controller) used to move the player's stick and perform shots and tricks. You can also set up your own custom plays, affectively teaching your players where to move on the ice when the puck is put into certain positions, great for personalising your team for your own style of play. The online mode is also good with generally no lag and short loading times, there have been some bugs reported but i havent come accross any yet. Finally, the soundtrack is pretty good in my opinion and the commentry also, all adding to the excitement and longevity of the product. 5/5 must have for hockey fans, very enjoyable game all round for all.

  8.  Best console out there


    Ive had my 360 for a few months now and have loved every minute of it. Had no issues with reliability or overheating, works perfectly, just keep it well ventilated and you should be fine. Good range of top quality games which suits all kind of gamers, even families with younger children. Cheaper than the ps3, better online gaming and a wider range of games makes the 360 an obviuos choice in my opinion as it should be a very capable match, if not superior console for a number of years to come. The premium package also seems the best value with big price drops recently and it comes with a hard drive, headset, HD AV cable to connect to tv (HD or not) and a wireless controller which is always handy. Great fun for all different types of gamers from the hardcore 'underground' to the family fun. Hope this helps : )

  9.  Great racer


    I bought PGR4 without having played any of the previous titles in the series and have found it to be a great buy, and for as little as around £20 now, complete bargain. For anyone who is a racing enthusiast or just a regular gamer, pgr4 will offer a load of competative fun. The gaphics are excelent in my opinion and the gameplay intense. Has a good range of weather conditions, loads of cars and bikes ( on which you can do pretty cool stuff, although takes some getting used to ) and a wide variety of tracks from different cities around the world. The online play is good with a number of different game categories avaliable like cat and mouse, street race, eliminator etc. There are also now tournaments on xbox live such as the global cup and daily races which are good for the competative racers as they generally feature 500+ players from all around the world. The online community is good also, with the pgrnations site giving you all your stats and leaderboards comparing different countires and showing tournament winners, as well as a forum and in game photos from pgr on demand that anyone can upload which is a great new feature in the game. On the whole a great game highly recommended, however you probably need to be a committed racer to get the maximum shelf life out of this game as some people may see it to get a tad repetative in the gotham career single player mode in particular. But in general an enjoyable game at an amazing price!

  10.  fantastic


    Great CD, very good value for money in my opinion with pretty much every song on the cd being a superb example of this new drum and bass and electronic style music. This will hopefully put pendulum at the forefront of new, modern, stylish music, without going too much down the typical media mainstream routes as of yet. Tipped to be 'the next prodigy', this is one of the must have albums of the year.