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  1.  Like a Movie


    The Witcher 2 is one of the best RPG i played. The game is based most around the story where the player is playing the hero (Geralt of Rivia) and will be searching for the kings assassin. From there on you will be teleported into this beautiful world like a movie and will investigate how and why all this happened to you. The graphism is stunning as much as the sound atmosphere or the music design but this is not a free roam game but never the less the few maps are big and a lot to explore...Quests with characters environments and even weapons and items are all designed to fit the story rather than the other way around. The quests for example arent of the (kill this many of monster x for a bounty) variety. The contracts you take require you to fight and study the beasts until you unlock the necessary knowledge of how to get rid of them for good from there you typically must create a special trap or perform an action unique to that quest. Crafting is designed to work with the fiction as well requiring Geralt to obtain blueprints then collect mundane components like twine and raw metal in addition to the epic components like troll skin. This makes crafting extremely expensive or time consuming at times but it makes the process much more immersive and the reward that much more gratifying. The game have alternate endings depending on player choices throughout the story. I was happy to discover was that the game can be played through two completely different campaigns depending on some choices and that the end game differences are much more substantial than (character x is your friend instead of character y because you took his side.) Not to spoil too much but key characters can be killed kingdoms can be shifted and the information you know about your opponents is all different based on how you play. You may not even meet some characters and you certainly wont know the secrets behind many events unless you play the game through again from the alternate perspective. Bear in mind these arent good/evil decisions either. The developers do a great job making each option in the scenarios seem valid and there was never a clear solution to any given problem I faced. In combat you carry a silver sword to slay monsters and an iron sword to kill men because thats the way a Witcher fights. Potions can only be drunk prior to combat when Geralt is in meditation mode. Why? Because Geralt does all his preparations prior to battle so the gamer plays by the same constraints. I personally found myself completely absorbed by the game world and my place in it. Civilians occasionally insulted Geralt mutant nature and I began to take offense. Going into battle I started to think ahead and plan reading up on the types of monsters I will be facing rather than just jumping into combat. There are occasional breaks from this perspective as you see events through another partys eyes but for the most part you live the life of Geralt of Rivia. The story is very dark with clear themes of racism/rape/genocide ect... in many of the subplots. The characters tend to be rather vulgar but not necessarily in an immature way it comes across that they are more coarse than immature and the dialogue tends to fit well with the oppressive atmosphere of the game world. As you can probably tell from the above points I really loved The Witcher 2 but it is not without its flaws. There are no changes on the controller if you dont like original setup. The interface is a bit difficult at time to manage or some stupid fact like you cant swim but overall this is a beautiful game for a more mature audience than the button bashing kind of game.

  2.  Nearly Perfect


    Nearly Perfect but forgot three important points. One is the bestiary which is very small (keeping fighting the same mobs again and again) and two the level of difficulty which is very easy especially when you rich level 20. And third the repetitiveness. Take a quest; go to dungeon, clear dungeon, kill (boss), rince and repeat. After that the game is gorgeous with alot of attention to details with the playability and the longevity of this game; this game is awesome; but after lvl35; this is boring doing the same thing time and time again with no much variation in the design (dungeon and mobs). Shame this game could have been the Perfect RPG.

  3.  Awesome


    This game is so addictive than i love it. The graphism and the story line are not the best but oh my god this is intense, from the creepy mobs to the awesome design of bosses fight, to the labyrinth of Dark and twisted atmosphere . You're on for a treat. The playability and longevity is awesome too; and the system of bone fires (save point) make the game more challenging. Overall this is a awesome game and if you like dungeon crawling; be aware you will die... ALOT :)

  4.  Outstanding!!


    Great playability, with lots of guns, good designs, cool bosses and for once a game you don't finish in 6 hours :) Plus lots of great extensions which will keep you busy for the next few days.
    Buy it. Quality :)