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  1.  Cheap use of licence.


    After waiting 6 years for this game I was expecting something truely worthy to carry the Aliens franchise flag. It has been hyped so much and you know what? I fell for it. Yes it Aliens but that alone wont save this years biggest turkey. I have to say this is the worst, most unpolished game within this franchise i have played and that includes games from the early 90's. Its glitchy, its buggy and the humans pose more threat than "the perfect organism". A mindless shooting gallery, avoid.

  2.  "The jungle just came alive and took him..."


    Really impressed with this blu ray, the visual quality is so much better than the dvd version of the film, alot of the noise and dullness have been erased meaning a much brighter and more vibrant looking film, the jungle looks lush and the general details on objects are very crisp. However, in the opening scenes Dillon looks very airbrushed and plasticy, but thats was my only real grip, that and the audio. Some of the speech seems abit muffled at times but is forgiven. All in all a great version of a great film and looking forward to the latest instalment of the film series.

  3.  Does the job


    Ive only awarded this product 3 stars as ive only had it for the same amount of days, the main attraction for me was preventing scratches occurring on my new iphone 4 as its a gud looking object and i didnt want its looks spoilt by a bulky rubber case. Ok so i think who ever buys this should also get a sock or slip case to actually protect the phone from damage (in case you drop it). One thing i will note is that i put it down on the kitchen work surface an as i picked the phone up the protective film on the back peeled off slightly, no real problem but does put doubts in my head for its longevity.

  4.  Sometimes being different is good... sometimes


    Im writing this having owned the X1 for a year, Ive still got 6 months left on my contract with this phone and i cannot wait to get rid of it. What a terrible mobile this is. At first youll be eager to explore its features and it certainly looks the part, soon though the novelty wears off and it dawns on you that these feature are pretty poor and none of them fun or interesting. The camera is 3.2 and is possible the worst camera ive seen on a phone. The interface is overly complicated and is prone too freezing altogether requiring you to take the battery out. The keyboard i found very usable at first but its obviously not up to much as it gets stuck and puts 3 letters instead of one and too many spaces etc.. I would give this phone 1 star but it looks nice, if thats important to go right ahead and buy it.. I wanted to like this phone and for while i did, but now i know i should have just got an iphone and saved myself all the hassle.

  5.  If it bleeds....


    Right first things first i have no doubt that alot of potenial buyers for this game are warry at the mo, I am a massive fan of the 2 film series that inspired this game. And i cant quite see the critism that these people are sayin, not to the full extent anyway. There are some flaws as people have mentioned but i have been finding the experience as a whole enjoyable. Ok so lets talk graphics... I am very aware of the level of polish mw2 has but this game looks far from bad, the lighting and grittyness captures the original films beautifully and the character models are to a high standard esp the Alien. Sound, much of the sound has been lifted straight out of the film aliens and makes for a very imersive experience, one thing i will say is that when playing against marines thy have a tendancy to repeat themselfs and this really detracts from the atmosphere the rest of the sound and graphics create. i think the single player is probably best played on the hardest setting as it doesnt seem as long as it could be but on a harder setting it will last longer. there are some genuine scares to be had here in the marine campain where as playing the other two species gives u a sense of empowerment.... Im going on a bit now so quikly on MP. This is a good laugh and possibly the only multiplayer to make you jump? there are several standard modes but what stands out for me are the infestation and predator hunt modes. Seriously if you are a fan of the alien and predator series give it a go for yourself!

  6.  Essential


    After receiving the HX1 as a xmas gift i knew i had to buy a case to protect it, i would recommend this case to anyone with this camera as it is of a high build quality, some universal cases my be cheaper but this case is what your camera deserves.

  7.  Excellent


    After reading reviews about this camera in comparision to its competitors such as the pentax x70, nikon p90 and others i decided the sony was worth the premuim price over them. When i went to a camera shop to compare them i noticed the sony was of better build quality and focused more easly than the others. The menu interface is also very easy to use. I would recommed this camera to anyone looking for high quality images from a camera offering more functions than your average compact. It feels much more like an slr than a compact partly due to its size and also to the extent of its manual functions only with the lack of interchangable lenses. I hope this helps anyone undecided.

  8.  another complaint


    I totally agree with the other reviews i only wish they had appeared before i bought it, i rang sony and they said its not set up to connect to xbox or ps3 which was the only reason i bought it. so i you want to watch dvds with surrond sound and normal tv buy it or do yourself a favour and dont bother

  9.  just like the name....


    Well its taken a while but the playstation has just gained a brilliant shooter. if sony had more games like this on thier console they wud b leading the console race, but thy dont so they arnt. This i suppose is the playstions halo and while not having played it online the campain is simple brilliant. The graphics, the noise, the explosions and setting and the enemy. It all adds up to a great experience that does actually feel like fighting in a war. i ges ive noticed the frame rate becomes a slight issue at times but thas mi onli complaint. Interesting take on the cover system as rather than switching to third person so u can see approaching enemies it remains in first person an makes things more real and tense, i would like to see this feature in other games too. Put it short, if u like epic 1st person shooters like call of duty ull love this.

  10.  N.O.T. S.C.A.R.Y.


    I was really looking forward to this game as the first one was so good, always reminded me of a gory half-life. so i was sorta expecting more of the same but witrh better graphic etc... wel it does have beta graphics but apart from that i think its a step backwards, for a start its name its pointless as tons of blood all over walls dnt ammount to creating tension like its predesessor. The guns seem alot beta but there pretty boring, o and its not exactly hard even on "hard" a pretty standard fps and if u enjoy those then ull enjoy this i was just expecting more.