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  1.  Great product, shame about the build quality


    This is by far the best Sonic Screwdriver from the Doctor Who toy range and it's a total must for any fan.
    However, it's let down by such a cheap build quality.
    I broke my battery cover whilst trying to fit the batteries due to my screws having blunt heads even before I tried to unscrew them, now because of this, my spring-loaded extender doesn't work as well as it should. Also the claws around the top of the screwdriver may look cool, but they are horrifically flimsy.

    All in all, this is a great toy that looks, feels and sounds great. I advise you to buy this product, just expect the set-up to be a nightmare and it probably will break soon enough.

  2.  Amazing!


    The new Doctor is here and he's fantastic. Matt Smith and Karen Gillian have filled large shoes that Tennant and Piper/Agyeman/Tate left behind, proving to audiences that they are capable of re-creating Britain's greatest characters.
    The new series of Doctor Who is darker, bolder and more immersive than previous outings and these first three episodes are a great start, but the best is yet to come!

  3.  A beautiful and heart-warming picture


    'The Blind Side' is a sports drama based around the life of Michael Oher (Quentin Aaron), a poor black teenager who is brought into a family with everything. Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) and Sean (Tim McGraw) Tuohy become Michael's adoptive parents and help him live his life.

    He finds a passion and a drive to become an American Football player, and with the help of his mew family, Michael lives to fulfil his dream.

    The film is typical underdog story that works in-line with an Academy-Award style, but this film bears a much richer substance than many other Sport pictures. Much like Oliver Stone's 'Any Given Sunday', the audience is drawn towards the characters and the drama, rather than the sporting events.

    Sandra Bullock (who I have a major soft-spot for) gives one of the best performances of her career, she has proved with this film and with 'A Time to Kill' that she is a serious actress and she deserves praise for her glowing performance in this picture.

    Quentin Aaron is also great as Oher, his persona brings hope to your hearts and a tear to your eye.

    'The Blind Side' is a perfect Oscar film and a brilliant film in general.

    I'm sure most will be very impressed and pleased.

  4. BioShock



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     A Masterpiece


    'Bioshock' is on the receiving end of bucket loads of compliments, causing unbelievable hype, and guess what? It deserves all the praise it gets.

    'Bioshock' is a beautiful FPS that is reminiscent of 'Doom' and other classic Survival Horror games; yet it lacks stereotypes and comes into it's own entirely.

    Sporting a fantastic story, great characters and development, plus tons of epic weapons, plasmids and power-ups.

    It is also a frightening and immersive experience; like fine Horror cinema' the game holds you tightly and refuses to let you go.
    The city of Rapture is a utopia of dreams, but it's laced with morbid and disgusting scars that become apparent during progression of gameplay.

    It's an amazing game; one of the best for PS3, and even though it's a little old now, this game still shines above the competition.
    Buy it while it's cheap and prepare for 'Bioshock 2'

  5.  Easily the best programme on TV


    Its criminal how many people haven't seen or heard of '30 Rock'.

    The show is produced, created by and stars Saturday Night Live's wonder-woman Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, a producer for a TV show at NBC. The show follows the people she and her gang of hilarious writers come into contact and how they all try to steer away from their boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin).

    Crammed with witty writing, side-splitting performances and plenty of cringe-worthy moments, '30 Rock' is the ultimate comedy show that continues to get better and better.
    Fey and Baldwin are fantastic and Tracy Jordan is amazing at playing himself in the silliest way.

    It's smart but stupid, adult but childish and it's just excellent.
    If you want hours of solid entertainment, grab seasons 1 and 2, grab a few drinks and relax to the best TV show around.

    Spread the word.

  6.  A brilliant Coming-Of-Age piece


    Greg Mottola, the director behind 2007's smash-hit gross-out Teen Comedy 'Superbad' has returned to the directorial chair and sat down at his writing table too for his new Comedy/Drama 'Adventureland'.

    Set in 1987 and loosely based around Mottola's own experiences, the film revolves around James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg), a posh college graduate who is home for the summer and preparing for his trip around the world and a Journalism course in New York. When his wealthy parents hit a financial snag, James is forced to get himself a summer job to support his future activities. He lands a place at Adventureland, a run down local amusement park. During his time at the park, his horizons broaden and he begins to understand more of the real world. He meets Em (Kristen Stewart, Bella from 'Twilight'), a lonely outsider with a fiery attitude and a dreary music collection. Em invites James into her life within and outside of Adventureland. The pair are taken on a rough trip about love, trust and friendship, leading to more complex scenarios.

    Mottola has been incredibly intelligent with this film, he's stepped aside from the major sex jokes and toilet humour, and allowed more time for the character development to evolve. Although 'Superbad' was a total riot, this picture invites it's audience deeper into the world these characters live in. At times you laugh with them and at others you feel sympathetic towards them. It's a far more immersive experience echoing the stylistic Indie comedy of Jason Reitman's 'Juno'.

    The plot is cleverly divided amongst the characters and the story develops as their paths cross during their time at the park giving a nice and thoughtful touch. Mottola has also paid major attention to detail and authenticity, seeing as the film is set in 1987 nothing pops up in the feature that takes you away from that environment; the cars, the clothes, the music; everything is correct.

    The casting for the film is fantastic, each character is totally believable in their role. Ryan Reynolds is brilliant as Mike Connell, the father-like Maintenance Guy with major relationship problems, and Bill Hader is as funny as ever as Bobby, the park's manager. Eisenberg and Stewart have beautifully awkward chemistry on-screen and I'm sure we'll see them working together again.

    'Adventureland' has the whole package; it's believable, witty, emotive, hilarious and sports a wonderful soundtrack. It's one of the only Teen films that doesn't make the genre look totally mindless.

  7.  Why all the bad reviews?


    'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' is a brilliant game that unites fans with the wonderful world of wizardry.

    Loads of people have been moaning about the lack of Hogwarts in this game, personally, I find it's slight absence refreshing. It's nice to be able to roam around new places and experience new scenarios.
    The gameplay is brilliant compared to some other games, you are able to play as either Harry, Ron or Hermione on every level except the Triwizard Tournaments.

    I've been switching between all three of them to train them up but I've found that Hermoine is my favourite to play as.

    You can collect Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and spend them on Collector Cards to boost the trio's skills which is a great touch.

    This game doesn't feel like a movie tie-in, it has it's own backbone and it stands out as an Action/Adventure game, which is why I think people have problems with it.

    Others have also been saying it's 'easy', it's not stupidly difficult but some levels are pretty challenging and I bet nobody could complete them in one go.

    I'm pretty good on games consoles and I spent about 2 hours trying to complete the Prefect's Bathroom level, plus buckets of time trying to master all of Moody's Challenges.

    It has a few faults but there aren't major. The loading screens are far too long and there are no checkpoints which means once you've lost all your Chocolate Frogs, you have to restart the whole level.

    Ignore the bad reviews and grab yourself a bargain. It's not as good as 'The Order of the Phoenix' game but it's flipping ace.

  8.  One of the best films of this decade.


    'Cache (Hidden)' isn't your average run-of-the-mill Thriller, which is probably why many people don't like it.
    It's a film that's delicately wound with suspense and anxiety leaving it's audience puzzled yet immersed.
    Michael Haneke is not a director; he's an auteur. His stylistic direction and methods treat the audience with some respect, he treats you as intelligent beings, not lousy Hollywood couch-potatoes., much like his other films do ('Funny Games', 'Benny's Video' ect.)

    Both Auteuil and Binoche are outstanding, as well as some fantastic cinematography and a compelling narrative.

    This film does need your ultimate attention however; one slip out of the feature and you may become lost so keep your eyes peeled.

    Oh yeah.....and watch the credits, trust me.

  9.  Potter's Darkest Hour


    Most people think 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' is the best film in the franchise. Well I disagree, but it is the darkest so far.

    'The Goblet of Fire' is fuelled with adrenaline and energy, yet it casts a bleak cloud over our favourite wizard.

    The film is packed with great performances, especially from Alan Rickman, Robert Pattinson and Michael Gambon, as well as being thoroughly enjoyable.

    Expect fear, expect terror and expect a fantastic Harry Potter film.

  10.  Incredibly entertaining.


    Director David Yates has managed to pull off something many Potter fans saw to be impossible, to scope the cinematic version of 'The Order of the Phoenix'.

    The book is the longest in the series, and this is the shortest film in the franchise, yet Yates has taken the bare bones of the story and turned it into gold.

    The cast are as brilliant as ever, and even though this isn't Potter's best outing, it's still a great piece of entertainment.