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  1.  Mean Machine pop to your head?


    Fantastic Film, Great Fights, Reminds me of mean machine and that was also a great film, would definatly recommend to any prison films or anyone who likes a good old ruck. 5* 10/10.

  2.  Best game ever to arrive on our consoles.


    Simply the best. nothing else to say really , Top graphics, Top game play, top marks 10/10 5* .

  3.  Really is a case of jeepers keepers


    Davids seaman show us the funny side of football, if u r like me, likes to laugh at other players mistakes then this is a got to see dvd i got it for my birthday a few years back and i still find it hularious to see the mistakes that players used to make and there is bound to be more on he way... well i hope there is :)

  4.  Fable 2 is okay now.


    My earlier review stated not to buy Fable 2, But recently the game has been rid of bugs and now is a great game and is perfect for all RPG fans.

  5.  OMG Y NOT ON 360


    Ive got all the other MGS games but this 1...... and i have a 360 and it isnt on there =/ Top game 10/10

  6.  Eminem is a music great


    This is his first album i bought and copared to the newer albums this one is still the best one, now he sorta concerntrates on his appearence like what he wears... what happened to his old T-shirt and joggers now he has turned into a stlye rappers eg in just loose it video, hat, colourful tracksuit- the song aint even that good either this one is his best album 5/5

  7.  What happened here!?


    how can u say this is a good film... its terrible i went to see it because the film i wanted to see was full... i couldnt belive how bad it was ever seen toy story talkin toy... not greatest film ever but a load better than this but hey, not my money if u want to waste your money then go ahead and buy this

  8.  Eminem can act!


    How can people say eminem cant act... r u all insane!? this is a great film it is EMINEM doing what he does best, fighting , rappin and just being a total american doing what he wants for a reason, if u were to say he cant rap then u probly never heard of any music of his his actin didnt need to be absolutly perfect because this film is about him and thats what he acted like...himself what a blockbuster worth buying for any rap fan

  9.  Harrison ford... need i say more


    This guy can act, what a film worth the money "Get off my plane!" what a line to say when your about to die 5/5 my kind of film action and inteligence.

  10.  One of the best


    I like this sorta film where mankind is near extinction but this is the greatest film ive ever seen a classic, a work of art 5/5 10********** " Welcome to Earth" haha how do those aliens feel now