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  1.  This film took me by Surprise!!


    I didn't expect great things from this film but it was actually very good. Costner was immense as the sophisticated bad guy and there was no shortage of entertaining plot twists to keep you gripped untill the end. Demi Moore was the only thing that slightly tarished this film, I don't think she was a good fit for her character. Well worth a watch, and you'll tell your friends to watch it too.

  2.  I am Mclovin!!!


    Best teen film in years!! The Mclovin character made me laugh my socks off. Superbad......Supergood!!!

  3.  A true classic in HD..... enough said!!!


    One of the classics on HD what more do you want, great film & great picture quality.....great!! Did I say great yet???

  4.  This film should have stayed in Davy Jones's Locker!!


    First let me start by saying that I thought the first pirates film was great, second ok and the third...........very disappointing!!! The quality of Blu-Ray (which is very good visually) didn't add any gloss to what is a very poor movie, all the bells and whistles of the special effects detracted from the brillant characters i.e Jack Sparrow ( Johnny Depp, what a legend in this role). I expected alot more from this film and it just didn't deliever, shame really as the first pirates was so good.

  5.  Best blockbuster of this year!!


    I ventured to the cinema to see all this summers blockbusters, from Tranformers to Mr.Potter, and none of them came even close to how good Bourne Ultimatum is. Just a brilliant film and the benchmark for all future spy films (take note bond!!). Also Universal are really going to push the boat on this HD DVD release, as Sony have been harping on about Spiderman and Pirates 3 which even the die hard Blu- Ray brigade will have have to admit were very poor movies. I can play both formats, but I think the HD DVD line up leading up to christmas is much better than Blu-Ray...... Bourne Ultimatum being the biggest player!!

  6.  Very Good Card!!


    Got this card as part of completely new pc build. Extremely quite and the upgrade in graphics performance from my old 9800 is huge. Wiil probably get another one for SLI when I'm a bit more flush. Works well with Vista!! Very good card. Recommended!!!!!!