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  1.  A great monitor at a great price


    The picture is crystal clear, the speakers are a bit tinny but I have a HIFI for my computer so not an issue. Size is great and is a great monitor.

    A great 19" monitor for those on a budget.

  2.  Great quality headphones - Great styling


    These headphones are very good, great noise cancellation and good range of sound coming from them, comes with extension cable and 3.5mm to 1/4inch jack. These headphones look great on and are good to wear outside, practically rainproof and are tight enough on the head to not fall off and not too tight that they are uncomfortable. I highly recommend these!

  3.  Great little product


    Got this from play. The device is plug and play and works perfectly with Windows 7. The sound quality is crystal clear when hooked into my speakers and my headphones. The build quality is fair in my opinion. For a bargain price device I did not expect brushed aluminum. No problems with case or sockets.

    This device has mic in and speaker out. It comes with a manual and CD(Not sure why?). It also comes with a mini extension lead.

    Very happy with the product and the price I payed :)

  4. Milk



    14 New from  £3.00  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.50

     A TRUE masterpiece


    One of the most beautiful and powerful films ever. Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk superbly, if you havent seen this you are missing one HELL of a film!

  5.  Enjoyable


    If you were hoping this game was much like farcry 1 then you will be let down. This game is far more like that aweful game "just cause". A big big let down. However the combat and driving is better in this game compared to jc, but in no way matches far cry 1.

    The first person aspect is good, the combat is sleek and stylish. The cars are mildly better than in the original game. However some areas of the game seem a bit to "unrealistic" random parked cars in the middle of a dirt track in the middle of no where.

    I would play this games, complete it but it is not something you can play again and again and does fail to grab the users attention with the laborious journeys to collect something to take back (thje cars are far too slow).

    3/5 Could have been much better. Maybe using the original cry engine would have been a good thing!

  6.  Linspire- A great OS


    A great OS. A user friendly desktop for beginners and experts alike. Based around the ms windows desktop, native Windows users wont feel like a polar bear in a jungle.

    Overall a sturdy OS with lots of features and as it is Linux you will never be lost for great software!

  7.  Great Game


    A very good game with a HUGE map(bigger than the GTA one)

    Free-roam based and some very nice cars!


  8.  Good Game


    A very good game. I advise getting it on only the psp, as on a ps2 it would be far to much like gta3. However playing it on the psp brings a new feel to the gta series

    Good game play...good mission..good graphics.

    A must buy!