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  1.  Geronimo


    A great cinematic, blockbuster feel to each episode.

    Asylum of the Daleks: 8/10 a very good dalek story which helps to make them scary again, even if they were slightly underused.

    Dinosaurs on a spaceship: 7/10 there weren't as many dinosaurs as I'd hoped for and the robots were incredibly tedious. Still not a bad story.

    A town called mercy: 8/10 a good episode and one in which we get to see a dark side to our favourite timelord. A fun western for all the family.

    The Power of Three: 8/10 an enjoyable light hearted episode that sees the doctor investigating mysterious cubes. Slightly rushed ending.

    The Angels take manhattan: 10/10 a heartbreaking farewell to the ponds. Terrifying Cherub statues and a less scary Statue of Liberty add to our understanding of weeping angles, arguably the best monsters of doctor who

  2.  As good as ever


    This will review every episode of the boxset.

    The Snowmen: 8/10. One of the best Christmas episodes. Genuinely freaky monsters and a good fun storyline. New titles, theme tune and tardis also. Slightly underused Richard E Grant.

    The Bells of St John: 8/10. Fun, pacy opening episode which introduces modern day Clara. Sets up the series well.

    The Rings of Akhaten: 7/10. Underused monsters and a cheesy moment involving a leaf aside, was a decent episode, stunning visuals, and the doctors speech is one of the highlights of the series.

    Cold War: 8/10 A good episode which reintroduces the Ice Warriors, well one of them. Could have had an extra few minutes at the end, as only reached 40 minutes.

    Hide: 9/10 really enjoyed this episode, mixing sci fi with the gothic genre really worked. Good to see Matt Smith wearing David Tennant's space suit from The Satan Pit.

    Journey to the Centre of the Tardis: 8/10. Good episode, got to see different rooms of the tardis although not as many as I was hoping. Supporting cast were a bit wooden.

    The Crimson Horror: 8/10 a really good episode, as it wasn't as doctor-lite as it had been built up to be, good light hearted adventure with some good comedic moments from Strax

    Nightmare in Silver: 8/10. The new design of the Cybermen is fantastic, although they could have been used a bit more I think. Warwick Davies was excellent as Porrdge however some of the other supporting cast were poor, and the child actors were awful.

    The Name of the Doctor: 10/10 best episode in a long time, great nods to past doctors and some wonderful acting, arguably Jenna-Louise Coleman's best performance of the series. Oh and the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers which leaves us with an awfully long wait until the 23rd November, I for one can't wait.

    My only slight problem with the series is Moffat's idea of getting rid of two part stories as I thought some stories could have benefitted from this such as Nightmare in Silver

  3.  brilliant end to a brilliant series


    Many people disliked the fact the series was split in two halves, and so did i at first. But this way we aren't as far from the christmas special.

    Let's Kill Hitler: 8/10 A good start to the second half of the series, where we get to learn even more about River/ Melody, although the title suggests that the episode was to be focused on Hitler, but it really wasn't.

    Night Terrors: 7/10 A good episode with some great acting from matt smith. The dolls are genuinely freaky, but the episode took a while to get going.

    The Girl Who Waited: 8/10 An emotional episode with some lovely acting from Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

    The God Complex: 8/10 A great episode that makes you think about your worst fears, much like Night Terrors. The ending is quite emotional.

    Closing Time: 9/10 Set 200 years after the God Complex, for the doctor anyway, the cybermen return, as does Craig. I love the acting between craig and the doctor,and this episode brings a bit of light relief before the doctor faces his death.

    The Wedding of River Song: 10/10 The Doctor heads to Utah, where he faces his death, and the Silence are waiting for him.

    One thing I would say about the finale, is that even though it was fantastic, it didn't really feel like a finally, possibly because it was only a single episode, unlike previous series. There are only two double episodes in this series, rather than the usual three, and there weren't any in part 2 of the series.

  4.  awesome


    A brilliant first part of the new series. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston return to battle the Silence as well as the Siren and the Gangers.

    The Impossible Planet: 8/10, A good start to the series with a two-parter. We are introduced to the terrifying Silence, and there is a shocking twist.

    The Day of the Moon: 8/10, Another good episode by Steven Moffat, howevr it was extremely cheesy when River fell back in to the Tardisand landed in the swimming pool.

    The Curse of the Black Spot: 7/10, A decent episode which sees the Doctor and co. battle the Siren, played by Lily Cole. A decent swashbuckling adventure!

    The Doctor's Wife: 9/10, A very good episode in which we see the Doctor's wife. We also get to see different parts of the Tardis as well as Amy and Rory in the old Tardis.

    The Rebel Flesh: 7/10, I struggled to get into this episode, but there were very good performances from the main cast. The Gangers are interesting.

    The Almost People: 8/10, This is better than the previous episode and it is interesting to see a different side to the Doctor.

    A Good Man Goes to War: 10/10, An excellent episode in which River Song's identity is revealed, and the Doctor facesthe Battle of Demon's Run.

    I can't wait for the second part of the series which is aired later in the year, as there are still questions that have been left unanswered.

  5.  what a finale !!!!


    Volume 4 contains 4 fantastic episodes of the greatest tv programme ever made, DW. Episode 10, is about the Doctor and Amy meeting Vincent Van Gogh and battling an alien only Van Gogh can see. Episode 11, is about the Doctor flat sharing with a guy called Craig, played by James Corden, and a staircase that people go up but never down. A fantastic episode in which the Doctor plays football. The finale, episodes 12&13 were just incredible. The first part saw the Doctor face to face with some of his greatest enemies including daleks, cybermen, sontarans and judoon. If you havent seen it, but i am sure u have, i wont spoil the ending. The second part of the story reveals all about the "cracks" in time. Overall, ep 10: 9/10, ep 11: 8/10, ep 12: 10/10, ep 13: 10/10. What an end to a fantastic series of DW, this volume is well worth buying, especially because it has four episodes on it.

  6.  The dreamlord and the silurians.


    Another great volume of DW. Episode 7, "Amy's choice" sees Amy and Rory 5 years after they last travelled with the doctor, and then they wake up, or do they? A great episode, which sees the trio having to decide which world is real and which is just a dream. The second two-parter of the series, episodes 8&9 are fantastic. The first episode of the two parter sets the story brilliantly, and the second episode produces more of the excitement. Overall i would give ep 7: 8/10, ep 8: 8/10, ep 9: 9/10.

  7.  Volume 2...


    The first two parter this series was great. Written by the legend steven moffat, episodes 4 &5 see the return of the weeping angels and River Song. Episode six, " The Vampires Of Venice" was also great, and sees the return of Amy's boyfriend Rory, played by Arthur Darvill. As I say a fab episode, with some good comedy moments . Overall i would give ep 4: 8/10, ep 5: 8/10, ep 6: 8/10. Finally, if ur a big DW dvd collector like myself, then u might be slightly dissapointed to know that the "next time" trailers have been left out of the dvd. This applies to all the dvds in this current series.

  8.  the eleventh hour...


    the first episode of the series, "The Eleventh Hour" is just fantastic and just a great way to introduce the new doctor and his new companion. However the second episode, "The Beast Below" is far from perfect as there didnt seem to be much of a story. The third episode " The Victory Of The Daleks" was a decent episode which saw the return of the daleks with a new design. Overall I would give ep 1: 9/10, ep 2: 6/10, ep 3: 7/10. Oh and finally, did any one notice the episodes getting shorter? episodes 2 & 3 on this dvd are 41 minutes long, missing 4 minutes of adrenaline fuelled adventure!

  9.  Well...what can i say?


    48 episodes for £39.99 can't say fairer than that. I have a couple of legendary episodes on video at home and i will be definitely getting this. Del Boy, Rodders, Albert and Grandad will have you laughing your head off, well worth buying!

  10.  The best series finale yet!!!!!!


    Turn Left is a brilliant episode which shows what would have happened if Donna hadn't met the Doctor. At the end of this episode it makes you feel that the finale was going to be three episodes long like series 3 as this episode left you with a brilliant cliffhanger. But, this cliffhanger was not as good as the one in The Stolen Earth when the Doctor is regenerating. The Stolen Earth and Journey's End are the two best episodes I have ever seen, brilliant writing by Russel T Davies. The last episode, Journey's End is 20 minutes longer than a normal episode making it feature length. At the end of this episode it leaves you with a clean slate for the fifth series in 2010, this is well worth bying!