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    I bought this book because i am moving to university and needed to build my knowledge of cooking. I picked this book because i am a fan of caribbean food especially jerk chicken!
    Having read this cookbook there is a large amount of recipies and they are split into sections such as everyday caribbean (simple and classic side dishes), rise and shine (breakfast dishes and smoothies), carnival (jamaican favourites) and sweet satisfaction (caribbean sweets).
    All the recipies look very temting and very caribbean, the majority of them are quite simple to make but having said that a few caribbean spices will need to be purchased.
    On the whole this is a very good cookbook, it is easy to follow and the ingredients are well displayed, i also think the book is suitable for students aswell.
    For all you meat and fish lovers this book is ideal!!



    The last game i bought was battlefied bad company and having completed it online and in singleplayer mode, i needed a new shooting game. Due to there being a limited choice of new shooters i decided to go for this game.
    Once i played it for a while i really enjoyed. The graphics are excellent, the controls are user friendly and so far the story mode is good. The only drawback i have noticed is the ai can be a bit clumsy.
    On the whole this game is well worth the purchase and at a price of £17.99, it is a must buy for shooting game fans!

  3.  Average Racer


    This game is simple ok the graphics are not particularly poor and the gameplay is entertaining. However keeping in mind that this game is not no Gran Turismo or NFS it is a budget game that isn't no iconic racer. Please keep this in mind when purchasing this game.



    Battlefield Bad Company is a good first person shooter that must be owned along with COD4. I like this game because the maps are large meaning you can snipe from a distance, drive vechicles and boats etc. Unlike COD4 i find the game is more technical as a result of the maps being bigger because in COD4 you can quite easily run around like a headless chicken.
    The drawbacks of the game is that the graphics look a bit grainy and colour seems slightly washed out. Also i feel the ranking system isn't as rewarding as COD4 because there is a small array of weapons to unlock.
    On the whole i was quite impressed with this game because it gives COD4 a run for its money but it just isn't quite there. However i truely recommend this game because online it is good and keeps its playability factor.


  5.  Good but............


    After playing this game for a couple of hours i enjoyed it but i felt there was something missing. if you have played the previous game then you would agree there is nothing majorly different. it feels a bit "been there, done that, got the t-shirt wore the hat"!
    word of warning for new players to the series that you are likely to get spanked on online play with regular gamers!
    On the whole it is a good game but there could have been more! For the current £36.99 it is worth buying.



    I really enjoyed watching this film i thought that it has a good story line. the start and the middle of the film is excellent and there are a few jumpy bits too!
    the ending of this film dissapointed me, it left me slightly confused and i can see this as the only let down.
    after watching the film i had some 'ifs' and 'buts' but neverless i enjoyed.

    i recommend this film and for the price it is a great purchase!

    i suggest the film white noise is worth watching too

  7.  PS3 vs XBOX


    Well, well the ps3 is an excellent console which looks good and incorporates the latest technology. It has blue-ray technology which allows its to play games and movies in HD.
    Everybody says the xbox is better because it has a wider range of games etc. however i agree with this but the ps3 is the future console. the ps3 is built for the HD future whereas the xbox still uses dvd.

    dvd replaced vhs some years ago and blue-ray will do the same to the stardard dvd. the question i ask is where will xbox be this time next year? ps3 is the future as it has the more next generation software.

    another point i must mention is HD-DVD is a waste of time Blue-ray is the most popular choice as more film producers/companies has signed to blue-ray releases.

    ps3 is the now and the future, A MUST BUY!



    This is utter rubbish. The gameplay is boring, the controls are annoying and the graphics are not very good. What have EA done with this game?
    The orginal Fifa street is by far the best.



    I bought this game yesterday and its really good. the online play is great and there are plenty of servers and players. however it would be better if you could have more players in a match, there is a limit of 16. i have not started the campaign mode yet but i am looking forward.
    COD4 is getting a bit boring for me now and this game surely solves the problem.
    A recommended buy!!

  10.  AVERAGE


    At first i really enjoyed playing the game for the first few levels. the monsters are cool and the weapons are good too. however i began to get fustrated with the game certain levels are annoying and they all look the same.
    in the end it got too boring for me and now its collecting dust.
    would be better with online play