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  1.  Films- great, Quality- terrible


    I can't believe they can sell these as Blu-Ray, the quality is pathetic. It's not as if these films weren't popular- they were, so they should have been sold atleast half decent. The scenes are selective which have been made into bluray. It is more HD than the original but still, no where near BluRay standards. It's a let down.

  2.  Can't wait


    Like the 1st review said- it does a play a big part in our childhoods, although the price is a bit steep for films that did come out like 18 years ago, it is blu-ray at the end of the day. Cant really see how a film that old can be turned HD but oh well ;)

  3.  Stick to the series


    Like the Christmas 2010 special, awful and not funny! This isnt benidorm- it was a poor attempt at turning into into a short 'action packed' movie- of which most things were extremely unlikely to happen

  4.  Stick to the series


    They need to stop with the specials and keep with the series. I don't understand how a series episode differs so much to a special. Basically the rough-ness from a budget airliner form manchester has gone- the thing that made it the most funny. Some of the characters have gone (Jonny Vegas etc) and they are loaded now- no cheapy hotel anymore!

  5.  Best Windows OS yet


    It is the best they have made. I bought this upgrade pack after failing to download it online properly. I did this upgrade as I no longer wanted Vista on the Toshiba Satellite laptop. It was only a year old when I decided I wanted Windows 7. As soon as I made that decision, and bought the online downloadable version- you know, the one as simple as downloading and pressing a few buttons, whoops. System failure. I originally found that there was a 3 pounds difference between this one and the professional version of windows, so ofcourse i bought the one up from this software. I ha to download it, then burn it to disk, then install it from there. Half way through changing over, it froze and made the PC unresponsive (i.e. no mouse movement- just like Windows 2000). So, I demanded a refund after being messed around by Digital River (in partnership with microsoft), in the end having to complain to America's Microsoft who were decent enough to follow it up. So, back to this version of windows 7. I went and bought it from Staples (upgrade version). All I now had to do was put in the disk and voila!
    LOL- no way! I had to wipe my PC which was completely messed up after the upgrade failure from the last time. I was on the phone, new years eve ALL DAY to India (I even know her name now- Deepa Batheji), and had to completely wipe my hard drive, (luckily i backed up before), put on the custom installation part of the disk (not the upgrade version), and completely change over the OS. Now I had to spend hours extra putting software and files over onto it. Not a very happy bunny after this. I like the software, but I would think it could've been easier. I was put of PC's by Toshiba's and Microsoft's mistakes and have now gone over to a Mac. I am trying to put this windows onto my mac through Parallels software, lets home Apple got this sorted!

  6.  An excellent movie- and I have high standards in movies!


    Loved for years. Problem is though, My modern DVD player than doesnt have any widescreen/zoom button on its remote shows this movie quite small on screen with a large border around it. Its fine on the older dvd players, but isnt great on my samsung wall mountable blu-ray player. Maybe samsung expect all films to have the settings built onto the disks?

  7.  Another Disney Hit


    A great plot, and like always, a great disney movie, whatever the age

  8.  A must see


    Occasionaly i wonder why sometimes the humans look animated when its mainly the blue people and outside the human compound that is, but overall its a good movie. I think they should have cut out a lot of the beginning and just get straight into the movie because the first half drags, but then again it does show the long term bonding of the blue people and humans. Ignore anyone who says the movie has a racist message, its just a film afterall. I think it would be even better on Blu-Ray, especially with the forest scene, that almost looks real

  9.  Funny... and i know my films =)


    One of the best movies of all time, and it's one of those that you don't lose interest in, however many times you watch it. With an all-star cast going through "a once in a lifetime racing experience", travelling by rocket cars, rogue helicopters and bumping into an insane squirrel lady along the way, I think this is one of the best comedy movies in a long time. You have to buy it to find out and you are almost guaranteed that this movie will make you laugh =) Enjoy

  10.  What am i missing?!


    Not are only the effects awful, but there is no plot. Adding Americans shows how unrealistic this would be, and it looks as if the film was made up as they went a long. I would have turned it off straight away if possible, or flicked it over if it was on TV. I would vote it on 1/2 a star, however isnt possible, though, i guess they tried to make a movie in the end. It was boring, and I would never watch again, it drags and i don't know what all the fuss is about. Even Black Sheep was a better movie, and that was awful.