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  1.  Best of the Bunch!


    Must have, please read other reviews on albums, but this is there 1st &best album personally its very original and much better than any mainstream hip hop, must have for any REAL hip hop lover... This has got to be heard to be belived, 1st track ABC is something else &deserves recognition from alot of people. As iv noticed no one else has even wriien a review in any of therealbums which is abit worrying. Trust me & buy it!!



    "PLC are a hip hop crew form Luton England, In there music they express ther views on poverty, single parent hood, drugs problems (particulary crack) and racism, Phi life continue to reflect the attiude, humour and spirit needed to stay focussed and positive."
    The first album, Millennium Metaphors is a better album (£6.99 Play.com!!) with 19 tracks which is a bargan & a must have for anyone who likes hip hop or MANY of the people in the UK who are stuck in a dead end job & Counsil house & do not have a platform to stand on i think we need to support these people and get our thoughts heard.... I own all 3 PLC albums & all 3 life albums &suggest everyone to buy them!!!!

  3.  If you like truthful hip hop buy this...


    So much beter than fake rappers talking bout how much bling &cash they have &what guns they'v got &how many times they got shot... If you want proper hip hop take my word &buy this, fat beats &deep lyrics-- better than any US $h1t in years!

  4.  Is this the most useful book ever?


    I got suggested to read this book after going on a customer service &sales course. It has not just helped me with handling customers better and avoiding disagreements and awkward situations, but has also helped me understand alot more about other people, &the best way to act &treat people to get what you want out of life. It doesnt just apply to customers, but applys to relationships, children, friends &enemys.
    I would suggest everyone to read this book, i think it would make the world a better &easier place to live!