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  1.  Sooooo addictive


    I have to admit, the sims have definitely improved since the last one, karma powers, your sims change from babies to elderly througout time, you have a neighborhood and you can be pregnant and have babies; all things that we could not do in sims 2 on console. There is more detail, as the sims 2 felt too simple. But, this game is sooo addictive; once you play you cannot stop! However, I am slightly disappointed with the amount of houses we can buy at the beginning, with only a choice of two houses. Also I don't really like many clothes you can use on the sims. Apart from that, it is a great and addictive game lol!

  2.  Hilarious!


    This film is absolutely bonkers, but it is really funny. Definitely the funniest bit was when Bart skate-boarded to Krusty Burger & Back naked. The way the film was laid out was really clever & it all works well. The picture was amazing as well compared to what we are used to watching on Channel 4! I hope there would be another Simpson's movie coming out soon because it is great fun to watch.

  3.  Brilliant for a beginner like me.........


    this is an excellent book that is really well presented and gives very clear instructions with large colour photos. there is an excellent selection of models to make and i've been folding ferociously since i got it.

  4.  Sweet sugar Tonight!


    Really funny! Great acting and really clever. Jim Carey was obviously a brilliant choice for Stanley Ipkiss and all of the film was very entertaining. MUST BUY AND IT WILL BE WORTHWHILE

  5.  Very good, Metroid Good


    I now understand why people said this is as good as Metroid prime Corruption, because I believe it is as good. The single player is definitely not as good as Metroid, but ok at times graphics, great enemies, and kick ass guns. The storyline is fairly easy to follow, but sometimes lags. A really great feature, as people have said, is the ability to customize controls, and even player HUB. You can have things your way.

    Multi-player is great, and makes up for a small-ish single player, I love the team death matches, although connections range and you can get good and bad connection, it does work, most of the time.
    One of the best wii shooters! 9/10

  6.  Genius I LOVE IT


    Kasabians new album is a great new album with loads of different, brill tracks. If you have heard Fire before, this is just a taste of what the album offers. A great listen, living up to all the old albums. I particularly like Underdog, Fire and Fast Fuse. 9/10

  7.  Good Sonic T shirt!


    This sonic T shirt is very good, my T shirt was good quality graphic, and fairly comfortable. Although is quite baggy, and big. I ordered a Medium, and its more of a large. But its really comfortable, and surprisingly light! Great T shirt

  8.  Great T shirt


    The A team, a classic design. Good quality fabric and graphics. Very comfortable. Only tiny doubt is that its a bit bigger than I expected, so expect it to be a bit baggier, but no real problems. Great T

  9.  Sony Ericsson W910i


    Although most reviews are right, there is a problem with the freezing, a big problem, dont let that detract you from this.
    - Very good screen, and I love the feature, when you tilt the phone, the screen flips with it, very practical
    -Every Sony phone has a great walkman, good sound and easy to use, on the go music.
    -Good applications, and features.

    -The problem with this phone is the signal is poor, when I'm simply listening to music, it looses signal and has to restart itself.
    -Could have a better camera and video player.

    Overall, its a good phone, but little things can put you off it, 7/10

  10.  Riddick, Two games, for the price of one!


    Riddick, at first I was pleasantly surprised when it was released, and eager to get this after playing the first on Xbox. The first game, escape from butcher bay is for me a classic, and with the re-vamped graphics its like a living memory. Great weapons, an ok storyline and plenty of gameplay, over 12 hours.
    Dark athena I also liked, because of the differences they made from the first game. I just couldnt wait to get my hands on the Ulaks, a great feature, and plenty of fun. Athena is a good game but the storyline is quite dragging, and Exploring areas over and over again bored me. Although dont let that put you off, the fighting and FPS is a good mix. The downsides, After completing both games, I didnt want to play it again, and I encountered several glitches in my game. Another note, I do not like the multi player,its slightly lagging, and annoying.

    Overall 7/10, Price is great for two decent games.