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  1.  Expecting something new... look elsewhere


    Highly hyped album which is actually the same Oasis sound we've heard for years... Ok, maybe that's what people expect and are hoping for...but I hoped for something at least slightly advanced...

    Time to move on like every other band does and not living off the same dated sound.

  2.  Very entertaining


    Sharp, funny animated feature about a beemused young bee and recent college graduate who learns that he's destined to work a routine colony job for the rest of his life. Renza_e Although his natural instinct is to beeware of humans, his life takes a turn for the better when he meets a saintly florist who not only beefriends him, but helps him file a lawsuit when he discovers that humans are to bee credited for mass production of honey! Occasionally too silly for words, probably by intention, but lots to take in with superb animation, good gags, and quirky, memorable characters. Comedy is uneven at times, but still serves as acceptable entertainment for kids and adults alike.

  3.  Server 2008 Compatibility


    Please also note this won't work with Server 2008 32-bit edition.

  4.  Taming of the Shrew


    A modern day take on Taming of the Shrew is complimented with the legendary Heath Leger. I watched this film at the cinema some years ago through force of my girlfriend and I left the cinema wanting to be like Heath Ledger. His character plays the cool crisp high school guy who pulls some crazy stunts in order to woe Julia Stiles for a bet.

    This is the ultimate chick flick which will appeal to some men, well worth the 2.99 price tag!

  5.  Steve Carell providing clean humour without Apatow


    Bruce Almight set the standard with Jim Carey and Steve Carell fighting for the lime light, thanfully the slightly tired Jim Carey didn't make it into this adventure leaving room for Steve to have some fun. The level of comedy isn't his usual 40 year old virgin Apatow style, it's more family humour. The story is very ridiculous and the concept even crazier, but this is what makes the film funny and appealing. If you're looking for a great family entertainment film, look no further, if you're looking for the Apatow Steve Carell, you won't find him here.

  6.  Why bother??


    The original batmans weren't necessarily offensive, well at least the first 3, so I was sceptical about the need for a remake. Batman Begins is the prequel to the previous Batman attempts, however they did such a good job they're remaking the rest.

    Batman Begins turned the batman adventure into the dark story it really is as a comic, the last few previous Batman's turned very cheesy, whereas this tells a dark tale of the Scarcrow villan and the becoming of Batman. This is easily the best Batman so far and the Dark Knight also lives up to it's hype!

  7.  Good out-weighs the bad


    If I could've bought an iphone, I would've...but I'm stuck with Orange for certain reasons. To give you an idea what I'm basing my review against I've previously owned a SPV M600 (Windows Mobile) and my last phone was a Nokia N95, my partner also owns the LG viewty which I've used a fair few times.

    The phone is the most stylish phone I've owned, it smooth gloss finish stands out and it's also much slimmer and lighter than the N95. I've been playing with it for a few days now and it's very easy to use. Items like the weather are a neat little toy, but it's actually becoming very useful when deciding whether the umbrella is needed in the morning. The web and e-mail are faultless, very easy to use and quick. Texting is a bit different, but mainly due to using the screen instead of buttons. Everything else seems pretty normal, contacts, camera (nothing amazing but still good). My only gripe is the slight lag every now and then, but my N95 did this, the viewty does it....most phones do from time to time, however the diamond does it mainly after taking it out of sleep, but it runs smoothly after a 2 second settling period.

    In my opinion the features are top drawer; I can happily live with a slight lag from time to time!

  8.  Underrated


    A big surprise, probably because I was expecting it to suck. The reviews were pretty dismissive of it, even though they all seemed to agree that the concept was golden: a man finds out his new girlfriend is a super hero, and finds, when he wants to break up with her, that she's kind of a psycho. I kept expecting it to fall apart, but it never really did. Sure, it doesn't make as much of its awesome premise as it could, and chooses to be short when it might have been better to expand the film's universe. But I can't blame it for that. Uma Thurman is great as the bipolar superhero, G-Girl. And I've discovered, after several years of disliking him, that Luke Wilson can be absolutely perfect when cast as a schlub. He's given two of the best comic performances of 2006 (the other in the pretty much unreleased Idiocracy). I absolutely cracked up at the expressions on his face when he and Thurman first have sex. It's one of the funniest sex scenes ever. My only real complaint is that they make G-Girl a bit too much of a psycho, like almost unbelievably so. Maybe with some background I could have accepted it better. I can forgive its flaws, though, because I had a really good time watching it. Underrated, for sure.

  9.  Amazing


    'Apocalypse Now Redux', Francis Ford Coppola's war opus is probably the most beautiful war film I have ever seen. Capt. Benjamin Willard (Martin Sheen) is a Vietnam soldier who is tapped to head a very dangerous and highly classified mission into Cambodia to 'terminate the position' of Col. Kurtz (Marlon Brando), a highly ranked and highly regarded army man who seemingly has gone completely insane and defected from the army, setting up his own little society and helped by a cultish following of soldiers. Escorting him up the river to Cambodia is a handful of navy men, and along the way, they encounter several interesting people (most notably is Robert Duvall's Kilgore, a badass lieutenant colonel with a few screws loose) and some horrifying situations.

    'Apocalypse' is less historical war film than a philosophical and psychological study. It is more 'Full Metal Jacket' than 'Platoon'. The running time of 'Apocalypse' is over three hours, but the film is so wonderfully paced and compelling that when the end of the film arrived, I was actually surprised at the amount of time that had passed. The beautiful cinematography is surely what stood out the most for me, however. After seeing this film, I am convinced that Coppola is one of the masters of light and photography in film history. The 'Godfather' films were all tinged with an almost sepia tone, and shadows created the feeling of a Baroque composition. With 'Apocalypse', there is an incredible usage of natural light, and the shadows, particularly in the scenes involving Brando and Sheen, almost become a living character, they are so pervasive and effective. Another gorgeous scene was when Cpt. Willard and Jay Hicks (Frederic Forrest) were in the jungle looking for mangoes, and come across a tiger. The sheer enormity of the surrounding foliage (leaves as big as a house) made the characters almost Lilliputian, but the colorization of the scene was incredible. While everything else was almost a muted grey, the leaves were an incredibly vibrant green, an effect that was particularly striking. Another really minor positive moment in the film was the great scene when the helicopters carrying Duvall and company attack the small village while playing Wagner. This could have just been an ultra-dramatic underlying soundtrack to the scene, but instead Coppola turns the song into an actual part of the scene, with Duvall mentioning that he likes to play it while they are approaching to 'scare the hell out of them'.

    The performances in 'Apocalypse' are first class. Much has been made of the amount of money Brando earned for the film, and the amount of trouble he caused. Regardless of this, he turned out a powerful performance for a relatively short amount of screen time. Sheen is completely outstanding - this is the first time I have seen him really unleash in a film - and Duvall is a lot of fun to watch as the loony Kilgore. 'Apocalypse Now' is a film that is so pervasive in pop culture by now (most know several choice lines from the film, 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning' et al) but I knew little enough about it that there were plenty of surprises left to experience. I have not seen the original cut of 'Apocalypse Now' so I cannot compare it to this newer cut, but this is a film that should most certainly be experienced.

  10.  Why the bad reviews??


    "War of the Worlds" is Steven Spielberg's third movie in which extraterrestrials visit Earth, but the first in which their intentions are malevolent. It can't be coincidence that the arrival of the ETs is heralded with eerie lights flashing amid lowering clouds, as in "CE3K." From there, the similarity ends--no light show as friendly aliens come in for a closer look. These creatures (presumably Martians, as in the original H.G. Wells novel) aren't interested in making nice; nor is there any ambiguity about their ultimate objective (as there was for much of "CE3K"). They're here to wipe us off the face of the planet, plain and simple, a point we understand before the movie has played for even half an hour, and the giant walking tripods they deploy are remorselessly efficient. So, too, is the movie--at scaring the hell out of us, notwithstanding some gaping plot holes and a couple of sequences that are too reminiscent of other movies (particularly "Independence Day" and Spielberg's own "Jurassic Park").

    That Spielberg uses imagery alluding to 9/11, the Holocaust, and perhaps the siege of London during World War II is, for me, less an exploitation than a reflection of how seriously he intends the audience to take the on screen mayhem. The atmosphere is heavy with threat, and the depiction of a populace numb with shock amid the devastation is chillingly convincing, despite a few moments of Hollywood cheese. We don't have Will Smith delivering snappy one-liners right after millions are massacred by the invading alien forces. Nor is there much of a rah-rah, let's-kick-some-alien-ass mood as the outmatched Earthlings try fighting back. Even the ostensible protagonist (a low-key, effective Tom Cruise) crumples at one point under the enormity of what's happening.

    I beleive the reviews don't deliver the praise it actually deserves because people haven't noticed the finer points.