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  1.  great


    Hi all i recived this product 4 days after ordering it but was most upset when i found one of the lenses broken ...but i dont blame play.com as we all no what the post is like...lol..but i still gave it a little go and i can say wow what a dirence it makes to the games ...i am a online gamer and have been for years and i can say buy this if you have a compatible pc...i have only rated this product 3 star at the mo as i havent put it fully to test ...but i will ...but from what i have seen buy it from play.com there service so for is the best

  2.  bitdefender


    As for as online and of line defence goes this is by far the best norton can not even come close to this one. it runs smooth clears all threts and keeps your system up and runing the way it should.
    well worth £25 the last antivirus i bought was £80 and that was crap this one is by for the best its a must but for your pc thats if you look after your computer. and want the best out of it.

  3.  shadowwolf2142


    The game graphic's are very good the game play is very good and i whould recomend it to anyone that likes fps games the online game ply is very good aswell. i play 2142 and i love that game as well as unreal tornament 2 3 and 4 plus battelfeild 2 crysis warhead is as much fun as them ... buy it if you are like me a fps freek.

  4.  not bad


    This game when it works is not bad but trying two get my ffb joystick two work with this game was a job on its own.
    i you are like me when you hate it when games freeze on you and crash all the time. then i whould stayaway from this one .. but in saying this i do have a very hi spec computer.. and this may be a factor in the problem ..

  5.  ghost recon


    This is a dam good game on and off the internet. the game play is so enjoyable and the way you can chainge your wepons and use your squad two over come difficult situations.. you will love this game and can i just say that the second one is just as good i whould recomend these games two any one hoow likes fps any time..

  6.  battlefield 2142


    This is a game for true battle hungry pepole like my self.
    the rewards and the unlocks make this fps def by for the best game. i have been playing games like unreal and quake and many others and it sure takes the cake all i whould say this game needs is moor maps on single and internet play .. but if you like great on line battles for all types of players then this is the game for you and prob be your last as its so adictive you just want two unlock all and better your rank..

  7.  a veery good game but with probs


    i have had many probs with this game. as i have got a very hi spec computer and in order two ply the game i had two down load countless updates and drivers for this game two work..but in saying that the game play is great and the battles or fast and pritty real the only prob is that you need two put a full mag in the person that you are trying two kill and or constantly reloading you wepons..a all round good game tho but not as good as battlefeild 2142 this is the best so for..