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  1.  oh dear!


    This film made me cringe at times because it was so bad. Infact its so bad that i had to watch it in 5-6 parts. I was determined to watch it to the end as I am a massive Arnie fan but it was seriously painful from start to finish. The story line was bad, the acting was worse.

  2.  Worth a watch for sure!


    Non stop is almost as enjoyable as the taken films, the film was just the right length and had the right balance of suspense and action to keep this film worth a watch.

  3.  Disappointing


    The first one was a special film, the second, well. I actually couldn't watch the whole film, its never good when you are forcing a laugh. There were a lot of awkward scenes where it just didn't work.

  4.  Excellent but.


    This is an excellent edition, apart from the fact the menu is almost unreadable and it takes ages to load. i can see what they tried to do but the text is weird and hard to read.

  5.  Unwatchable.


    I watched 20 minutes of this film before wanting to smash my tv. Someone with far worse taste in films may of survived 30 minutes. (possibly).

  6.  A great comeback.


    Well Arnies acting skills haven't improved at all....well they dont need to when the film is this good. Great action from start to finish, cant wait to get it on dvd. Arnie is back.

  7.  Shocking


    This film was so bad I had to watch it in 3 stages. There was nothing original about this movie, just intense over acting and rubbish looking aliens. glad i didnt waste money on this at the cinema.

  8.  They have ruined it!


    I was so excited to find out that they were bringing my favourite game out on a revamped hd version for the 360. My excitement turned to dissapointment as after a while I started to get very irritated with the auto save, so frustrating that if you save your game just as you are about to die you are completely stuck on that very second you die every time you respawn. There are major glitched with this game too. Croteam are complete muppets to have ruined this epic game.

  9.  This film was made for people like me!


    Basically if you like wall to wall gore, boobs and kelly brook wearing not alot, you should buy this film. people who write reviews saying that theres no real plot are idiots, the plot is pretty much self explanetry.....piranha's eating people! its not a bloddy love story. bargain price aswell, buy buy buy!

  10.  This film litterally changed my life!


    This is the best movie ever made, to cut a long story short, I watched this in 1995 became obsessed with the iceman and am still today one of the biggest fans in the world. This film will make nyou laugh but at the same time bring back all the good memories from the nineties!