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  1.  Buy this film


    The title says it all, great film great price will leave you breathless. Just buy it

  2.  Okay and that's it


    The game play is just to flakey. The sniper mode is just not very good. Different ways to kick a door in...really? It's an okay game while you wait for the main attraction.....Not bad but not good, okay if you've got a spare 40 if not wait or COD

  3.  Its a blast


    If you like serious films maybe its not for you but if you know what to expect ie great action, corny love angle, bad boy comes good then roll out the popcorn, put the cat out and turn up the surround sound, its a total blast !!!!!

  4.  A real blast


    Cracking film! Transformer style, all american hero, popcorn treat. Mrs wanted to watch Titanic I got it half right as it had a boat in it. Loved it. (she hated it) A must for blue ray, pump up the volume and enjoy!!!!

  5.  Marmite of a film


    I cant quite work this film out, bit like ballroom dancing, slow slow quick quick slow. At first, so slow it makes you wonder why your sitting watching it, then with no real warning it is insanely violent to a point where you have to look round to see if you dozed off and have woken in a different film.... then slow again... then bang its bonkers again. Its kitch, its smooth, its almost corny but it works, and I would watch it again.. but suspect that I will be left asking the same questions.

  6.  Real pity


    The game is average at best, which is such a pity. COD must be laughing, as the bad press about the price will now look like value. I really looked foward to this release, as MOH and GT were always such show stoppers. With money being tight these days keep your pennies for Nov!

  7.  Boomtownchav


    Being a "typical bloke" football, mates, anything other than Take That, I was totally blown away by the show, the whole thing from start to finish was amazing. If I could of gone again I would. If this DVD captures even a half of the show then buy it twice because you will wear the first one out. I might even sit with the missus when she watches it.......just to keep her company of course :-)