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  1.  Be sure it is what you want


    I bought this as says ok for playbook and has a soft beaded point. Unfortunately it is angular and not soft - I don't think I would use with playbook to "drag" screens up or down or play games that need you to "sweep" across the screen as the plastic tip is hard. However, if not needing for that I guess ok for phone etc, is well made though but not fit for what I want - the photo does not make it obvious that the tip is at an approx 45% angle and not soft "rubber" as I expected.

  2.  Absolutely Fantastic! - this is THE album to buy in 2011!


    The album, after only 1 listen to is just brilliant - you will just put on repeat and keep on listening to until you know every word of every song, then will keep on playing and will be singing along to. She reminds me of so many other artists, Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), early Kate Bush; there are so many - yet she is unique and the lyrics of EVERY track are awesome - no repeats here, every track is different. The final track - "This Is Not The End" is haunting and will send a shiver down your back. I wish I had had the opportunity to see her live. There has to be another album soon. Clare - you really are a fantastic artist!. Other buyers - you will not regret this album; I assure you... 5* - buy it now.

  3.  Quality Item


    I bought these to go running in, they stay on your head and do not cause any discomfort. One note of caution though, I usually wear glasses, but as so close to the ears this was uncomfortable; so be warned, great bit of kit, but cannot wear with glasses. Also no volume control but sound is deep and basey, I am well impressed, especially at this price, the cost at a high street major sellor is 30 pounds plus. They sit well into the ear and with the speaker forward facing you really hear the music, as so snug can sometimes hide external noise. I am impressed.

  4.  One piece of advice - from a non computer geek


    I wanted this to be like a massive pen drive (ie plug it in and drag and drop files onto it), to do this all I did was the first time I plugged it in and after the computer recognised it, I opened it and created a file called "WD - Do Not Delete", the reason for this is there is software included on it that I did not want it to use, I then dragged all of its own files into the folder created. Now every time i connect it the computer sees it as a normal hard drive, so I can then just run files from it or copy items to it, simple. I have had no problems whatsoever, is powered by the USB cable to your computer so no messy extra cables, just note that the lead that comes with it is very short, certainly less than 12 inches, so make sure your USB socket is easily reachable on your home computer; laptops obviously not a problem. I copy movies, music and photos to it, then connect it to the western digital media centre (also bought from Play.com) and plays on my 42 inch flatscreen through HDMI cable and no stutter, just smooth seamless viewing, treat yourself it is very small and I purchased a hard cover for it when transporting and it perfect, and cheapest on play.com - perfect!

  5.  Does exactly what it says on the tin!


    I got this bought for Xmas, its a magical system. I have the WD 320GB portable hard drive and downloaded all my music, photos and numerous videos. They all work so easily, make sure you use a HDMI cable between the box and the tv and the clarity remains perfect, i used to connect my laptop to the tv, with HDMI clarity is as soon on the laptop screen, this does the same but is so small and hidden below the tv can hardly see it, the only thing I do is ensure every time I finish using it, eject the external hard drive (files cannot be saved to the box just connected through it), the reason for this is the external hard drive still has power even if the box is off, so ends up getting hot; I cant afford to lose everything I have!. Go to the WD website, download the updates, put on a USB pen drive, the box recognises the updates and installs. I have had no problem and am amazed by it, I have had some music videos not play the sound, but having changed their format to avi all are perfect. This is an ideal mans toy as can connect any hard drive and watch movies, or listen to music while the screen is filled by the photos you have. Treat yourself, you will not be dismayed.

  6.  outstanding film


    I was well impressed with this film, it is thought provoking, seeing a washed up wrestler clinging to fame and also rebuilding his relationships with his family. This is a quality production. Dont expect to see the razamataz of current wrestling available for viewing on digital tv, this shows the other side, wasted youth, rebuilding relationships, trying to stay in the public eye. One word to describe this film - quality. The acting is top notch.

  7.  Woefully Bad


    Like others, having seen 300 and the epic film that it was, I had high hopes for this film, I was disappointed. It reminded me of V for Vendetta with all the black and white screenshots but tried too hard to be something it isn't. It is a good story if that is your thing, but have to agree, rent this before you consider buying it, it tries to hard to be different, but with Samuel L Jackson in it thought would be exceptional - it is exceptionally bad. Dont waste your money. The film is set in darkness, the first thought was reminded me of daredevil, all darkness makes the need for exciting action but fails on that side, look at spiderman or transformers, all daylight and good graphics, this film is not.

  8.  Lame - too long and too boring!


    I am going to be brutally honest, this is one of those films you either love or hate. I was the latter, way too long, such monotonous storyline, revolving around one man chasing another. Was boring, extremely slow, made no real sense although one twist in the storyline, apart from that is left on the shelf never to see light of day again. This film could have been great, fairly good storyline, amazing back drops, just lacking in excitement. It did not float my boat. I am so glad I did not buy it!. Be warned, saying that the other two write ups given by people say they enjoyed it, maybe me but both my wife and I were glad when it was over! To me it was too long, too focused and just too boring! You have been warned! I have just watched the video clips of the film and yes it looks exciting. They are a bit like bridge to terrabithia, the exciting bits are in the trailer. But it is your choice.

  9.  How to get them working!


    I purchased these after having problems with other brands of DVD+R recording discs. At first they kept "bouncing" or "aborting" just after I started to burn to them, however, reduce the speed from 16x to 4x and worked fine, dont know why, but not had a problem since! - maybe people like to burn quickly, I found that with my computer Dell 8400, 3gb processor, 1024 mb Ram etc, you get the picture (its not a basic model) - by reducing the recording speed all my problems went away- finally, at the special 3 for 2 offer, they are so much cheaper than buying at my nearest A**A supermarket!!! Buy and enjoy. Although picture shows they are 8 x speed, when arrived they are 16 x speed.

  10.  Is really rather good!, one minor glitch though!


    My wife bought me this as a back up facility as had 2 hard drive crashes over last 2 years losing everything. Rather than keep saving to dvd or cd every month, this is easier to use. I must admit I did think could use as drag and drop, but would not allow it - am I doing it wrong - I dont think so!. Have to use the freecom back up facility which comes with the drive, dont use the other program unless want to back up hard drive off computer (all of it!). as long as always have the wizard on, is no problem, can tell it where to back up from, cd-rom, dvd-rom or c drive / own documents. The only thing was it was not copying WMA formatted music (uses Windows Media Player) so have to go into type of files and ensure it is added, also Bitmap files. Did not say anywhere that needed to do this, could have lost music library if do not check!, you have been warned. It was £10 cheaper than buying from high street and arrived by recorded delivery - all free with Play.com so must say well done!. Apart from that, it does seem to take an age to disconnect from computer, ended up turning computer off while still connected. It does give you a warning on pages 12 and 13 of handbook (viewable on cd-rom provided - no hard copy), that have to ensure you disconnect using the "unplug or eject hardware" icon on computer. Apart from that, good price, good size - approx 4 x 1 x 9 inches, and quiet (no fan so did get hot - was connected to computer for 3 hours as backed up all my discs and documents from computer. Worthwhile - JUST WISH WOULD DISCONNECT FROM COMPUTER QUICKER! - 5 MINUTES LATER, STILL SAYS ITS BUSY!!!! Further info, I emailed Freecom help desk, they state it is because when running Windows XP on computer, XP has a program running in the background, so if have any documents (word?) or WMA files on the external hard drive, computer keeps connected. They suggest that after 5 mins it is safe to turn it off then remove from computer by add/remove hardware icon. I have not yet tried this though. Just remember to change the types of files saved or it will not automatically save WMA or BITMAP files. On the whole though, we all buy an external hard drive to keep items safe and to date does exactly that!