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  1. Natasha


    Pig Destroyer - CD

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     Excellent Pig Destroyer release.


    Whilst not being the typical grindcore you'd expect, this is still a solid addition to anybody's CD collection who likes it heavy. Instead of making a lot of short songs, this 35 minute CD contains just one song, which is the more doom metal based Natasha. Whilst not their best song, it remains their most atmospheric and creepy. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed when I heard that this was their new release, because if, like me, you own Pig Destroyer's Terrifyer CD, you will already have this song on the second disc. However, when it appears on Terrifyer's second disc, it is a DVD, rather than a CD. So, at the end of it, the only reasons to get this CD are that you don't own Terrifyer (or don't plan to buy it), or are just a big Pig Destroyer fan.

  2.  They're Back. =)


    The Music are an Alternative Rock Band who live in England, and they've made Two Albums before this, and their fans are still very limited. I've absolutely no idea why. Excellent sound, and they're very unique. Even some of their songs have been put onto adverts. But, i Think everything's going to change with this album.
    From the Album Teasers, it's going to be excellent. I even bought the "Strength In Numbers" single today, which holds the single, and three B-sides. The B-Sides were absolutely superb, which is a very good sign, considering B-Sides are 9 times out of 10 "not good enough for the album". If they're not good enough, the album will be mindblowing. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

  3.  A Major Component in Thrash's Birth.


    this is one of the albums that made Thrash popular. The lyrics, the imagery, the music itself was (and still is) very powerful, so it couldn't really be ignored. While this isn't Slayer's best, it's still a cracking Debut album. All the short, fast songs are present, and it's typical Slayer. Plus, it's a Digipak. Everyone likes Digipaks. While i'd hop on the bandwagon, and say you should probably buy "South of Heaven" or "Reign in Blood" first, this is still a great cd for Slayer fans to own.

  4.  brilliant grindcore.


    Cattle Decapitation are one of the most popular (and sickest!) grindcore acts out there. That's because of their strong belief systems, short songs, excellent musicianship and brutality. If you're a fan of Pig Destroyer, Agothacles, Carcass and Napalm Death, you'll love this. Even fans of bands like Job for a Cowboy and Bring Me the Horizon will possibly enjoy this due to the pigsquealed vocals. Great album if you like it heavy and sick.

  5.  amazing.


    and i don't use the word "amazing" lightly. there are two reasons why you should pick this album up.

    I) it's chock-ful of Beck Goodness.
    II) you can make your own CD Cover.

    if that's not good enough for you, i don't know what is. songs like "Motorcade" and "Nausea" are the album high-lights, and are probably amongst my favourite Beck songs. if you like Beck, you definitely need this album. if you don't like Beck, but like being creative, you definitely need this album.

  6.  Psychedelic masterwork.


    if you're a fan of The Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix, and some of the bands featured on the School of Rock soundtrack, this is for you. this record was made in 1967, and still hasn't lost any of its lush, trippy psychedelia. it's definitely a summer album, with psychelic soundscapes, that seem to entrance you, and put you in your happy place. recommended.

  7.  tremendous.


    as well as being one of my favourite artists, Emilie Autumn also shows in this album she is probably the most individual. in this two disc cd, she displays her violin skills, rather than her vocal skills. the first disc represents her past, which means she covers some classical music, which inspired her. the first disc is played with an ordinary violin. the second disc represents where she is now, as an artist. this means the second disc is full of Emilie Autumn originals, played by her signature Electric Violin. While the violin instrumental sessions have already been done by artists such as Apocalyptica, and Rasputina, Emilie Autumn shows she is arguably the most talented. the second disc is indescribably creepy, and lets off an amazingly chilling atmosphere. a must for fans of alternative music, or Apocalyptica and Rasputina.

  8.  Death Metal classic.


    Carcass went for a more clean sound in this album, considering their earlier goregrind days, but that doesn't make this any less brutal. musically, it's quite similar to Arch Enemy (which Amott went into after Carcass went into an extended hiatus), so for any fans of Arch Enemy, you might want to buy this to hear how their sound was born. i find the best songs are Heartwork and Death Certificate. mainly because they were the songs that pretty much birthed Melodic Death Metal. any fans of music history, metal, or just heavy music should probably consider buying this.

  9.  fans-only.


    don't get me wrong, Pig Destroyer are one of my favourite bands, but this doesn't really do any justice for the band, really, it just shows you how they've progessed over the years. because i love them so much, i really like this record, but if you're planning on buying it, get their studio albums first. if you DO have the albums, and want this, then you're in for a treat. it opens up with one of my favourite Pig Destroyer songs, 'Hymn'. then there's more Pig Destroyer goodness up until the covers. these will have you checking the cd player when you listen to it, because these guys can GROOVE. with almost clean vocals and punk guitars in The Stooges cover, it's not very Pig Destroyer at all. but it's amazing.

  10.  sensational.


    i'm a sucker for doom and Stoner rock. The Sword totally blown me away with Age of Winters. i could go as far as saying Age of Winters is in my top 5 albums of all time. yes, really. sadly, Gods of the Earth isn't as good. only just, though. it's still a very, very enjoyable album. since i've owned it (not long), i've listened to it about 4 times already. with solid songs like Under The Boughs, The Frost-Giants Daughter, and Fire Lances of the Hyperzephyrians, it's an amazing album all the way through. extra props to the instrumental introduction, "The Sundering", too. it's very similar to "Celestial Crown" from their previous album, but it uses an acoustic guitar, which makes it sound a bit more epic, in tone.
    what surprised me is that the songs can be catchy. i don't mean pop-toned choruses, but some of the lyrics will stick in your head for a few days. anyway, this is a must-buy, however, you may want to buy "Age of Winters" first, which in my opinion, is a landmark in Doom Metal.