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  1.  great game


    thanks for the tip mate you just saved me some money thanks

  2.  only for the lost lovers


    Lost the videogame is here and it's a mix of good and bad.

    You play as a survivor named Elliott. You're a photographer and must piece together your memory by completing quests on the island and getting your memory back by taking some photos and collecting evidence through a series of flashbacks. What this game is good at is using the structure of the TV show. In fact, all the chapters have cliffhangers and recaps and it really is great fodder for lost fans. All your favourite characters are there too but the soundalikes are sometimes off the mark. It's good to see most of the character models looking spot on, particularly John Locke -baldies have always been easier to model than hairy dudes. And the environments are gorgeous. The whole game really is a visual treat as sea laps on the shore and light bounces through tree canopies.

    Unfortunately, someone forgot to put any actual gameplay in here. Most of the game is adventuring. There's some exploration through the forest using markers to get to your next waypoint and through caves, keeping torches lit so you don't get killed by something lurking in the dark. There's not much in the way of combat and there's also a strange trading system that isn't really needed at all. The only puzzles you'll face are placing fuses into a circuit board in the correct order and you have to do this about 7 times throughout the game. This, along with the flashbacks, makes for a very disjointed game constantly interrupted by loading screens between scenes.

    All that said, Losties will still get something out of this. It does go some way to explaining a little more than the TV show alone and there are some proper heart in the mouth moments like when you have to enter the numbers in the hatch or are being chased y the scary black smoke. Of course, if you don't watch Lost you won't have a clue what I'm on about and should stay clear of this. PS3 owners should get Uncharted instead. Xbox 360 achievement point junkies will also benefit as it throws almost the full thousand gamerpoints at you with ease in under five hours of gameplay.

    Only recommended if you love the show and if you rent it out as you can complete this in an afternoon and once you finish it you probably won't play it again.

    Despite its mediocrity as an actual game, I saw it as a nice compliment to the TV show so I'm going to give Lost The Video Game a generous 6 out of 10.

  3.  not there best one but still good


    There are lots of bad points to this game but one of the rare good points is the GAME PLAY and well thats the most important point about a game that the game play is good .

    Unlike run and gun shooters tactical shooters take a more strategic approach to taking out enemies. Much like R6 V, R6 V 2 takes this element in the direction of real time strategy, as players will command their squad mates on the fly. These commands are simple to initiate and include ordering your teammates to prepare for entering a room full of terrorists. Then, after peering through a snake cam that allows you to see what's going on inside, you can order your team to open the door, toss in a grenade, then storm in and take out whoever is left standing. You can also order your team to rappel down the side of a building and surprise enemies by busting through windows. This aspect of the game is hugely satisfying and really gives players the feeling of playing the lead role in an action movie.

    As described in the previous example, your goal is to strategically order the members of your team to take defensive positions that aid in your squad's victory. While scenarios exist in the campaign that will allow your teammates to do all the work, the game is designed to keep you in the action. In fact, you'll often choose to take point and be the first to rush in and clear a room full of bad guys. If your character dies in the process, you can choose a different strategy the next time around. For instance you may choose to have your two squad members hold their position at one door to a room while you take position at another door, then storm the room from both sides at the same time. If that doesn't work, you may choose to provide cover fire from an elevated position while your team takes care of business down below. R6 V 2 makes this kind of coordination easy and you'll have an absolute blast designing your own methods of attacking your pursuers. The beauty of tactical gameplay is that there is no one way to sucesfuly take down your atackers. Much like a game of chess, the experience can be different every time you play the game.

    With every good game come a number of bad elements. These elements may be in the form of glitches, oversights, lack of polish, or just plain neglect by the development team. R6 Vegas 2 is no exception to this rule and there are a number of annoyances that are worth mentioning. First off, your AI teamates dont always like to follow orders. For instance, after you've knoted up your ropes and give the order to scale a building, your squad may just sit there instead of acknowledging your command. This hapened a couple of times during the campaign and was downright frustrating. And when orders are followed, your squad mates do not always follow them correctly. While one teammate runs to the covered area you pointed out, the other often stops and kneels in the line of fire. They'll also run into you a lot and blatantly refuse to follow orders when there is clearly nothing in the way of their ability to do so. These occurrences appear to be the largest issues you'll experience. Luckily, they wont happen very often and will not hinder you from completing your mission.

    Another minor issue is with the game's voice command system that was introduced earlier in the series. What this does is allow you to issue verbal commands into your USB headset that your AI squad mates will follow in the game. This is a really cool feature that was spoiled this time around by its inability to recognize even the simplest of commands. Instead of following your order to "get over here your team will "frag and clear" thus starting a firefight that you have not been ready to begin.

    my advise is rent it

  4.  not there best one but still good


    Set in Ancient China during the third century, this action-filled title delivers free-roaming fun amid epic battlegrounds, with expanded actions like climbing and swimming so players can fully experience the boosted graphics. This series continues to build on its appeal (great individual first-person fighting without lots of micromanagement in the overall stages), but must incorporate more random elements and innovations to win more new fans.

    The increasing challenge of defeating wave upon wave of enemies (complete with improved AI, so they don't just stand there and take your best hits) doesn't stop after the battle. Canines and dogs can track you down long after the battle is over, even after you've defeated all enemy officers. Even individual solider purpose and functions are expanded like the unarmed bannerman who raise overall morale.

    The new "Renbu" battle format combines speed and consecutive moves (a.k.a. chains) as players advance their skills and powers. Once you get right in the thick of things, it's easy to rack up 200+ chains. Once you take heavy damage or haven't hit anyone in a while, the chain is broken. Players must also strategize when breaking down gates to advance their respective army.

    The movements are pretty fluid as players must exclusively use the left stick (the down directional button) calls your horse. Move the camera with the right stick for some great camera shots, especially using the usually earth-shattering musou attacks. As in previous installments, your power attacks, holding the triangle button, become more powerful, and more entertaining, when you run at a group of enemies and release. These running attacks are very entertaining and break up enemy groups extremely well. If you've got enough back up, you can quickly advance by breaking up enemies with these special running attacks then advancing into waves ahead so they engage your troops.

    Veteran players can expect the familiar individual battle lock ups, involving even more button mashing, and stuns. Clipping remains a small issue at times, plus activities like constructing watch towers or battering rams often land right on top of you. Luckily your health doesn't take a hit and the interruption is usually minor. The new and expanded fighting moves are amazing. Great credit to the motion-capture team who got the best moves from Asia's leading stuntmen and women, including some nifty somersaults (press L1 while in the air).

    Game modes include a two-player co-operative in the musou and free modes. You even get double musou when you're close to each other. Players can't have the same officers (hmm...two Lu Bus laying waste to their enemies would be awesome!) Players can continue in the two-player mode even when the other player leaves or takes a break, so the action keeps coming. Single players can achieve great upgrades in free mode, then reap the benefits in the musou campaign mode. Challenge modes, complete with online rankings, include sudden death (one blow ends you), speed runs, havoc (destroying environmental items), and the gauntlet where you can test your movement skills. The havoc challenge didn't really live up to its name because you can only destroy certain elements - all neatly lined up in groups for you.

    When you need a break, go to base camp where you can survey the progress you've made across all of your unlocked characters, weapons, and horses. Learn about the three kingdoms and related history in the encyclopedia section. Players can also save up to 20 different games. If you've never experienced Dynasty Warriors (or even Samurai Warriors), you should definitely give this title a try. An essential Playstation 3 title for action fans.

  5.  best season yet


    This season is by far the greatest season of One Tree Hill yet. If there is one word to describe this season, it would be addictive. This season has some
    unforgettable story lines, twists and surprises and introduces new characters from Peyton being stalked, Nathan cheating at the game he loves, Ravens winning the state championship, Peyton And Lucas finally being together, Graduation and Dan facing the harsh consequences for killing his brother and many more. This fourth season is a season no fan of One Tree Hill should ever miss. I highly recommend this season as a must have on DVD. You will not regret having it as part of your DVD collection.

  6.  you know you want to buy


    Its just amazing all the stuff i did at college in a game
    Its not a mini gta its better cause this game doesnt get boring so much so that you have to destroy it with cheats
    skateboard slingshot eggs girls violence get the picture its a must

  7.  relaxing indie music


    a mean yea its great fantastic
    last request is just blindingly beautiful
    same with loving you
    fantastic album buy it
    the only reason its not a 5 star
    is because bob segar and eric clapton are the only ones i give 5 stars

  8.  great no doubt about it


    I bought this box set cause im a huge dawsons creek and the o.c fan . Its great no doubt about it . It has a great sound track . good story line . It whoops dawsons creek's ass but the o.c is still better . But this still a must buy.