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  1. SAW


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £58.95  Free delivery

     Just As Good as the films!


    great Graphics.
    good gameplay.
    some really good puzzles.

    This is a very good good game, for all saw fans or even horror fans. lots of gore, action 9 out of 10

  2.  Very Very Good!!


    I must say these new throat mics are the next gen of headset sets. microsoft take notes. just been testing them out recently and i must say compared to my normal xboxlive headset they are more comfortable. they go round your neck and you have a single ear plug which fits in your ear a treat. it plugs into any xbox 360 controller and works from the get go. the throat mic which goes round your neck does not feel to tight nor does it feel too loose. after a while you dont even notice you have it on because the weight is amazing. these are a must buy for anyone!!! and the good thing about these headsets are that it removes the mic end out of your face so if your like me and love snacking during long gaming sessions then you can do it with easy with these new headset types. i personally brought alot of these. you can never go wrong with this price and having spares.

  3.  10 out of 10 must buy!!!


    The best beat em up fighting game out to date. nothing touches this. its easy to get grips with. anyone can play it and the graphics and gameplay are amazing. the one good thing about this game and the whole taken series. moves dont get removed just added. so you can have a main character to focus on. it does not matter if your ps3 fan or a xbox 360 controls are the same. its the online experience which counts for a xbox 360 user :)



    Got this game on the day of release and i new it was going to be well worth the money since played the demo on xboxlive. Since then i played the game non stop in single player and online mulitiplayer. This game is for everyone its easy to get into and not to serious and it will keep you playing because you look forward to playing the next mission.

    Gameplay- 10

  5.  Over Rated!!


    This game is only for die hard marvel fans. If your not you will get bored very quickly. Very repetative game

  6.  Very Good! better then expected.


    This game is a must buy for any beat'em'up fans! I got game a lil early and have given it around 6-9 hours of gameplay. I can say im actually very impressed, at first i thought its a lil rushed...but itis actually a very well done game.

    Rightly said from the other review? Not many characters. But all the moves and graphics make up for it. It uses the unreal engine which im a fan of. As im a very big gears of war fan.

    Must buy 9 out of 10

  7.  GTA 4 Beater!!!!


    This is a must buy game! The first one was wicked, but this new version kicks gta 4 out of the water! For starter its actually fun and you dont get bored unlike from the realistic gta4 which that didn need to be.
    This game is for people that didn like gta 4 and like free roaming worlds. The missions are great, gameplay is smooth and graphics are very good......ignore other reviews as they obviously played the game with there eyes closed.

  8.  awful! not as gud as COD4


    ok let me get started....i was lookin forward to this game i waited around a gud half hour to a hour for it to download from the xboxlive server. I read up this game was ment to smash call of duty 4 and most common 1st person shooters. and to tell you the truth this game is god awful... withing the first 10-15mins i was just so bored and lost interest....graphics need to be improved. gameplay and weapons......well im not going to even comment, because black on the standard xbox looks better. any one who is a big fan of first person shooters and cool weapons stick to cod4 because thats where it is at.....online and offline

  9.  Now on xboxlive xbox classic


    this game is now on xboxlive to download, this is the full game with enhanced hd graphics. must buy

  10.  awful!


    i had high hopes for this game. but i downloaded videos and i was impressed by what the game makers had done with it and the areas u can get inoto grips with the story.... but when the demo was released my god this game is rubbish. it makes all there old games look amazing and trust me they wasnt very good.

    Serioulsy just stick to COD4