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  1.  amazing


    in my opinion this is the best jane's addiction album to date. the debut live album is good and strays and ritual de lo habitual all are brilliant but this album is better than the rest. the best songs on this album are ocean size, jane says and had a dad

  2.  a fantastic debut


    Even though at this time radiohead jumped on the grunge train with bands like nirvana who could do it better than them, this album is still fantastic, and the flashes of genius are still clearly visible in this album. The best songs on it are anyone can play guitar, prove yourself and ripchord

  3.  average


    Its a good album but it lacks spontinuaty, almost everysong is simalar...i do think its much better than there newer material but its still a bit of a let down
    Although charmer is one of my favourite songs of all time, the scream at the beggining of each line is about as original as it gets and the bass and guitar harmonys just go together so well, if it wasnt for charmer this album would be a complete falilure

    The best songs are charmer, true love way and trunk

  4.  fantastic


    Its fantastic, every single song on it is mindblowing, probably the best and most noticiable thing from this album is the guitar solos which are just brilliant
    The best songs on the album are out of dreams, freakbeat phantom and rascalize

  5. Ten


    Pearl Jam - CD

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     an okay album


    Its got some realy good songs on it and some songs that arent as good
    Alive is an absoloutly amazin song
    Even flow is a brilliant rock song
    Jeremys good but gets dull after a while
    Why go is an amazin mindblowing song (the best peal jam song ever)

    Apart from that its pretty dissapointing...

  6. Empire


    Kasabian - CD

    1 New from  £6.36  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.97

     a little dissapointing...


    I bought this album based entirely on my love for the song "empire"
    The doberman is one of my favourite songs of all time and shoot the runner is a good song but the rest arent so good
    I suppose if u like techno music ull like it
    Unfortunatly i dont

  7.  not a very good album


    Best of you, doa, the deepest blues are black and resolve are fantastic songs...apart from that its awful
    Side 1 apart from the afore mentioned songs is all the same
    And side 2 was boring dull and again very repetive
    I love the foo fighters but this album was a major dissapointment
    Some bands can pull off doing a double album but unfortunatly the foo fighters couldnt handle it
    Its bloated and has nothing to it

  8.  a great debut album....


    Its a fantastic debut album but after several listens it does get a little dull
    Its best songs are dark of the matinee, take me out and come on home

  9.  the best oasis album to date


    Its a gr8 album, every single song is amazin and its incredibly under-rated
    Its best songs being all around the world, dont go away and the girl in the dirty shirt

  10. By The Way

    By The Way

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - CD

    31 New from  £3.39  Free delivery

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     a catchy pop hook


    In my opinion the chili peppers best two albums are blood sugar and one hot minute
    By the way is very good and very experimental
    Its the album that gets people into the chili peppers
    Its best songs are dont forget me, warm tape and by the way