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  1.  Obviously too young to remember.........


    As this show was originally created in the early 80s, I would have been too young to remember its' author, Garth Marenghi, who created such classics as 'Slasher', 'Maggot' and the seminal 'She-Demon'.

    Greetings, fellow traveller, I am FranDaMan. Reviewer of such films as 'Transformers' and 'Family Guy - Blue Harvest'.

    No, seriously, I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!

    A lot of people try to get the spoof film/series thing right. This bad boy ticks all the boxes.

    MARVEL - At the solid-esque quality of the sets.

    SHUDDER - At the high-end special effects (no CGI here, folks)

    HOLD BACK THE VOMIT - At our Hero's corpulent, girthsome physique.

    Garth Marenghi's Darkplace........ Comedy doesn't get much better than this!!

  2.  Lets Roll Out!!!


    Like many, I grew up watching Transformers, playing with the toys (the nice solid originals, not the newer 'fall apart' variety) and nailing pieces of metal to my torso in the vain hope that I, too, would be able to gracefully turn myself into a robotic dinosaur or perhaps some type of speedboat.

    Alas, it was not to be. Imagine my glee when this bouncing baby of a film arrived. Hell, it even used the original changing noise, (come on guys and gals, you know how to make it!!)

    If giant robots from another planet were to go toe-to-toe in the middle of an American city, THIS is how it would look.

    Buy it. Then, when you wear it out, buy it again.

    Now, where did I leave my hammer???????

  3.  Laughed so hard, I had to order an industrial corset....!!!!


    ....To keep my sides from splitting.

    Seriously though, this proves what other reviewers were talking about; the writers have DEFINITELY not (nor will they ever, in my humble opinion) run out of ideas. If they're stuck, just rip off another movie.

    Peter living out his dream of being Han Solo, Brian as a sardonic Chewbacca and Stewie as a diminutive Lord of the Sith (who isn't really that bad a guy, you know) all prove that Family Guy just keeps getting better as the years go on, something Groening & Co. could learn a lot from.