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  1.  Really Good!


    Animal crossing: Let's go to the city ( with wii speak) is really good. You can go to the city and have your shoes polished; hair done; buy designer clothes; go to the auction house; watch the acts in the cinema; visit redd.. And more. It is relaly fun. You can connect with people in a different town to you and actually talk to them with the wii speak. But ( as the same as ds) you have to do the chores for tom nook to be able to do anything or go anywhere. But apart from that...this game is fab! Buy this game!!!! Take my advise......:)

  2.  Fabulous Game!


    This game is the best. It has hard and easy puzzles. It's really fun to play and is like a mystery...it's the best game!!!!!!!!!!

  3.  very cool


    This is one of my favourite games on wii. It is really fun to play with mini games and all sorts of things. BUY THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  The best cheat device ever!!


    This I-Cheat is really fun but you are cheating! It helps you with levels and helps you with all the games invented yet!! er...... that's all i've got to say!

  5.  An exciting new version of Mario Kart


    Great fun. The split screen for two player mode is not the best but the motorbikes are great. The wheel takes a little getting used to but is good once you get used to it. First you get your licence and then you are ready to go!! Have a go at driving the pram, but don't expect to win anything!!! er....... that's all i've got to say.

  6.  Ok


    Tamagotchi is ok. It is really fun but when you have all opf your shops royal you don't do much.

  7.  It was ok


    Imagine Fashion Designer is OK but a bit lacking. all you do is make clothes.

  8.  Difficult at first


    This game is difficult at first but once you get into the hang of it, it is cool!

  9.  Not that Good


    I got stuck on this and is good but very tedious. Very Tedious (probably spelt wrong).

  10.  Very good


    This game is similar to Dalmation, Dashound and Labrador Nontendogs. I have them all. The first one which was out was Dashound Nontendogs. But then all of them got repetetive.