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  1.  Great game, great price


    At only £30 for 5 great games The Orange Box is really good value for money. Half Life is a good game with great action and some nice, but not too challenging puzzle elements added. Despite this it falls short of being amazing as it starts to drag on at some points and experiences a lot of glitches.

    Team Fortess 2 is rubbish though and you'd be better off buying it for thePC as it offers a lot more features and has a lot more players.

    Last, and certainly not least, Portal! Portal is amazing and is worth the full price on its own. Portal offers a lot of brilliant puzzles which will really make you think. The game is a good short length so you don't start repeating the same puzzles over and over but still leaves you wanting more. A brilliant game.

    Overall, the Orange Box is a great game and should appeal to most gamers as it offers a lot of variety. I strongly reccommend you get this game.

  2.  Going downhill...


    Am I the only person who thinks that Burnout sucks? The racing is alright to begin with but you generally find yourself repeating the same races over and over. The free roaming doesn't work well as you quite often miss turn-ins and end up losing because of it, and it's made all the worse by the fact that you aren't allowed to restart a race. I was eagerly looking forward to Burnout as i've been a fan for quite a few years now although like most games on the PS3 it proved dissapointing and didn't live up to the hype, however if you're a hardcore Burnout fan this might be right up your alley.

  3.  Waste of Money


    Dreadful, an absolute waste of money. Haze has good graphics, and . . . that's about it. I was hoping it would be the halo of the PS3 however it pales in comparison. The shootings awkward, the story's rubbish and the online only has a few game modes and maps. You're probably tired of hearing this but if you want a good fps stick with cod4.

  4.  Amazing . . . for the first few hours


    Assassin's Creed looks amazing and for the first few hours it's great fun to play, however after a few hours of gameplay things begin to get a bit repetitive. Each city breaks down to the same three same tasks followed by a lot of long,boring un-skippable cutscenes. Very dissapointing as it had so much potential.

  5.  Brilliant . . . but a bit simple


    If any game is worth the price of the PS3 oblivion is it. Hundreds of hours worth of gameplay and a bargain at only 15 quid. A must have for all rpg fans although i personally preferred morrowwind as it was much more challenging whereas with oblivion you can generally speed through the entire game.