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  1.  Crazy value


    Wow! Ok the old model but Crazy value at current price under 20quid (hint, the mkII version of this is over 3x as much) - Will blow anything else in this price bracket completely Out The Water and halfway up the beach. A must buy if you're looking in this price range.

  2.  Small and cheap


    Small (think another reviewer said - correctly - that it's about the size of a Mars bar), and cheap at 5.99 delivered. Even came with batteries. Sound decent for the cost/size, I've got to turn up my mp3 player to near max to get ok volume out of this.

    Very much a travelling accessory, but for longer trips pack something that gives you more aural 'satisfaction' - I'd say they're the Nokia equivalent to SE MPS-70 or MPS-100 (with batteries but without the wider stereo seperation possible with the SE models).

  3.  Great sound and value for money


    This unit is a pretty good 'at home' solution when you want to stream music from your A2DP-bluetooth enabled phone, mp3 player or laptop.

    It's not portable - the unit's the size of a shoebox and only mains powered, so think of it sitting on a shelf or on a counter rather than packing it in your suitcase for holiday tunes...

    Linking up to your bluetooth devices is pretty straightforward - It'll take you all of five minutes (if that) to unpack, link and start streaming your music. First time you have to manually adjust the volume on the unit to get it to a satisfactory level, but once done you can leave the volume buttons on the unit alone and just adjust the sound level from your mp3/phone/laptop.

    OK, this is a five star review because the unit is excellent for what it is, not because it's some kind of audiophiles dream. The sound is room-filling, clear, decent bass and depth, have notched up the volume *pretty* high and noticed no distortion. It has Sony's megabass circuitry built in which is permanently on - to good effect. It has a relatively small sweet-spot, outside of which it's hard to notice the stereo separation.

    My experience with bluetooth A2DP stereo streaming to-date is that it "must try harder". Quite a flat sound, lack of separation, a lack of depth and bass seems to be the norm with bt headphones and speakers. Have heard quite a few, and up to now the best sound/price balance experienced is from the SE MBS100 speaker - A portable monoaural unit the size of a grapefruit. Even then it worked great w SE phones, but with non-SE phones and a Samsung MP3 player it's volume performance is distinctly average to lacklustre. Frankly, music sounds MUCH better through wired headphones, and in most cases through wired docks of comparable cost.

    However in this case, the BT100 does a Really Good job, and performed superbly with a variety of sources (Samsung MP3 player, SE phone, LG phone)and gave distinctly decent renditions of different music styles, from classical to bass-heavy dance remixes. I'd say it's comparable to the sound from a micro hifi...Just remember the stereo separation issue, however in partial answer to that any sound effect used by your music player eg stereo-widening, theatre etc does make a difference through the Sony unit, so do experiment to get the sound you want.

    Ok had been looking at this for a little while on another site that claims to be 'Amazin' at about £57 but actually ended up getting it here for £29.99 delivered - which makes it frankly brilliant value for money (especially as on some sites its still £90!), and helps confirm it as a 5-star buy.

  4.  Ok but could do better


    A little bit disappointed with this - SE usually produces grade A accessories. Really clever idea, and plugs and plays easily enough, but it's hard to keep the signal interference-free, anything but a foot or so away from the stereo (and standing the phone up vertically, to boot) and you're likely to get hissing and fading.

  5.  Another SE accessory winner!


    Smaller than you think, but really big sound! I'm delighted with this unit - easy to set up, really good sound quality, and you don't miss stereo - i've got another bluetooth speaker system that's also a 'one box' unit, and actually this one sounds better.

    Hooking it up to my SE W880, it produced big, boomy, distortion free music. I've also hooked it up to my samsung yp-p2 mp3 player and although sounds good, it doesn't get as loud.

    The charger can also be used to charge your SE phone (it plugs in to the bottom half of the fastport), making it most convenient for 'music on the go' - can't wait to take it with me on holiday now!

    Overall: Very much recommended.