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  1.  wow


    well played the demo of this a few months ago and just couldnt get onto it,then saw it for a 9.99 and thought thats cheap ill get it.played it last night lights of 5.1 turned up and wow what a game just everything about it the graphics are some of the best ive seen on ps3 the dark tunnels and the flickering lights are stunning the sound is just brilliant and to me what makes the game scary,and yes it is scary only played for a couple of hours but a few times it has made me jump,was a big fan of resi but number 5 well its not really a horror game and was a bit let down by the fact that it drifted away from the theme.well dead space is and more i highly recommend this game and even more so playing in the dark with the sound up high

  2.  will never be beaten


    without doubt the best show on tele at the moment and will be a tall order to better it.every season just gets better you think how can they write a new season that will better the last and well they keep doing it.its comedy at its best,and could rewatch them over and over so if anyone is not in vince's entourage yet then get on bored

  3.  high hopes?


    well ill admit i enjoyed the remake of texas,halloween,although nowhere near the originals on there own they are good films so i had high hopes for this but was left very let down didnt find it violet or bloody or scary and well what was the point i think the director was more interested in getting sex scenes in there rather than scares,and now we are left to wait for the freddy remake just dont think that will work some how.as for the blue ray itself wasnt that impressed by the picture i mean its not the worst bd out there but not one to show of your system sound yeah was good didnt watch any of the extras so cant comment on them,so verdict yeah it will appeal to some people and the studios will keep making them as long as they do well at the box office but all in all stick to the originals

  4.  ?


    well have just finished watching this didnt know to much about it before or what it was really about,well i must say that i can sit through pretty much anything in the way of film but martyrs has well left a very strange feeling with me to say its disturbing really does not sum this film up starting of you think oh yeah we got another grudge copy here and then bang complete change of direction and some very very disturbing scenes that will stick with you way after the film has ended.ive given it 5 stars not because of the film itself i mean acting is very good considering the nature of the subject but for the way the film just grabs you and yes disturbs you in ways that most other films wouldnt come close.i would recomend this film but be very warned there are some extremly disturbing scenes in it.as for the blue ray pc, was not up to scratch to be honest it was more like an upscaled dvd, sc was good and added to the films nature.extra wise not a great deal to be honest i picked it up cheap on blue ray but like i said if you see it cheaper on dvd you might as well grab it on that

  5.  great


    well got my copy today from play of course and first of how anyone can discard the graphics is beyond me they are stunning and some of the best on the ps3,well we all know its not all about that as for gameplay great cars handle superb theres loads of tracks cars events what more could you want from a racer i didnt like the two previous nfs but shift really does take it up a gear or even two so if you like grid which i did love then this is easily up there as one of the best racers on the ps3