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  1.  ...if you go down to the arctic today..........


    A great premise,story,build up but......oh so tedious and drawn out.a real let down on all fronts.....sorry liam.

  2.  stunning epic entertainment.


    After so many negative and so so reviews in the media i found myself reluctant to give this film the time of day but circumstances drew me towards my local cinema anyway.after a brief intro then it really kicked in.i am also baffled by the many negative reviews of what is basically a big budget popcorn blockbuster which i thought was superb.great.stunning visuals.fast pace.some superb set pieces and terrific action.i was hooked.miles better than any-all three of the transformers films i was so impressed i went back again twice more.not many films i can say that about.ignore the haters,take it for what it is,a loud,brash,over the top delight.

  3.  clockwork magic


    nothing i can say on here will be enough to convey just how amazing this album is.linking the songs with the tale of a young mans journey through life with some of the most stunning music and lyrics the band have ever given us.its a journey that you will want to repeat over and over-just as i have-and each listen rewards the effort...simply a masterpiece.

  4.  we three kings............


    the time machine tour was a truly heartwarming experience to witness live during the uk tour.this gets you in the thick of the action with some great camerawork and a stirling performance by the band.some of their best songs coupled with the entire "moving pictures" set transfers really well to dvd.a must have for any rush fan...note:when setting audio make sure you use the "dolby digital" setting as the default setting-5.1-does not work.

  5.  rubber dinghy rabids bro.....


    a satire to confuse the masses/thick/idiots...think 9/11 but with the dingles from emmerdale as the suicide pilots....you have the basic plot there....from the absurd to the outright brainless,the protagonists in this film are clueless....imagine the 3 stooges plotting to nuke the world or helen keller planning to rob a bank and drive away...satire this good is rarely seen....watch and enjoy but remember-its not real.

  6.  ..not quite boldly going.


    taking into account "enterprise"...which was re-christened "star trek-enterprise" ,voyager has to be the worst of all the trek offshoots.a great pilot followed by roughly 1 good episode for every 5 bad ones coupled with some total stinkers (fair haven,prototype) to name just two..add some really superfluous characters who went nowhere/did nothing (kes,neelix)..throw in a ship that if you looked at it too hard all its power went offline and you have a mish-mash of good/bad/terrible ideas....yes it had some superb episodes (in the flesh,timeless plus the excellent 2 part finale`) but all in all it was not a patch on DS9 or enterprise...which is sad.

  7.  if not now...then please-never.....ever again.


    only ever heard 1 song by this band about 5 years ago...that should have told me something straight away..why this album is in with the hard rock/metal is beyond me.my friend made me listen to it to try to get me to broaden my horizons a bit..big mistake.its quite simply dull and tedious.why bands make albums like this makes no sense.its as if all the band members wrote a ton of songs then on the day of recording decided to take a bottle of prozac each.its terminally bland and as such would suit people who like faux rock such as the red hot chilli peppers or such like..stick it with the easy listening section next to the carpenters.

  8.  the earth dies screaming............


    i read this back in 1988.always remembered how it gripped me from the off.just re-read it and it still an amazing s.f. story.terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time....an alien device is found in australia,the robot type occupants promise peace and prosperity...on the other side of the world in the desert of california a strange alien creature is found..it brings bad news about a disease which will destroy the earth..the scope of this book is immense and truly deserves its place among the hard core of s.f novels.

  9.  ....and justice for all


    during the early 80`s i was a huge anvil fan but circumstances made our partnership brief.after watching-and buying-the brilliant documentary i decided to see if they still had any relevance in todays market.i brought the last album "this is thirteen" which was really good....this album goes one better by being a much more rounded,solid album.some great musicianship coupled with a really up front,harder edged production gives this album a real bite.even bass guitarist glenn 5 gets his time to shine with his lead vocals on one song being the equal of lips.so far its hardly out of my cd player...highly recommended.

  10.  ugly no more.............


    after a great start and superb 3 years,we got the writers strike which basically killed off not only this show but many others...as with lots of prime-time shows this did not fare well and the end was in sight far too soon...tying up all the loose ends was not easy but it was pulled off in a nice if rather sad way..shame it could not have lasted another 3/4/5 years as i think it could have really gone the distance..have fun in your new life betty,we miss you.