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  1.  Not good enough


    I bought these after my inner-ear headphones decided to pack it in, and found myself severely disappointed.

    I use my headphones mostly for when I'm out and about, whether that's walking somewhere or on the bus, and innder-ear headphones were great for that, muting the outside world and letting me play my music/podcast as loud as I wanted without disturbing anyone. My experience with these headphones is almost the exact opposite.

    Their design is such that they sit just next to the ear hole (don't know the technical word...), which means if you're in an environment with some other form of noise (traffic, people talking etc) then you'll be able to hear it all. At times, I found myself struggling to hear my music if I was walking next to a particularly busy road. The way they sit in your ear means the sound is never as loud as you want either, many times I found myself pressing them further into my ear just to fully hear what I was listening to. They fell out of my ears alot too, whether I had to jog to make it across the road ahead of a car, or even if a strong gust of wind hit, they were out of my ears. Also, the wire it uses is too short. I have my phone in my pants pocket and found that the wire would be far too taught, so a sudden move and they were out of my ears again (I'm around 6 foot, so take that into consideration). One thing I will say was that when pressing them as far into my ear as I could, the sound quality was actually quite good... although that's not saying much, under the circumstances.

    It's not all terrible though, and the reason thisw review gets 2 stars and not 1: They're actually good for lounging around the house. I live in an 11 person house with friends and they're great for being in the living room, having stuff on my laptop and still being able to take part in the conversation if I want, inner ear headphones left me in a sort of bubble where unless you wave your hand in front of my face I was unreachable, I much prefer these headphones for this situation.

    Overall I'd say I was unhappy with my purchase, even at well over 50% off I still felt underwhelmed and, ultimately, shortchanged. Not recommended.

  2.  Not just for kids!


    I realise seeing the Nickelodeon sticker on the box will put off most people over the age of 12, but this really is a show to be enjoyed by anyone. I, myself, am 21 and recently finished watching all 3 series and look forward to sharing it with everyone else I know.

    This isn't a "kids" show in the vein of Pokemon, nor is it an "adult" anime, it is somewhere inbetween, mixing the humour of a show for children with the complexities of a full-blown japanese animated series.

    The characters are fantastically well fleshed out, to the point of almost, on a few occasions, driving me to tears. I'm 21. I don't just GET moved, but such is the humanity of the characters in Avatar.

    The story is very involved and over-arching. Every (and I do stress EVERY) episode furthers the story in a meaningful way, no episodes are lost in silly one-offs as is done in countless other series, instead what you are left with is something closer to a drama series of the same ilk as Lost or Heroes.

    Bottom line time: If you're looking for a series to care about then this is for you, if you want to see breathtaking action and stunningly correographed fight scenes this is for you, if you want an experience you will never forget then buy this. Avatar is undoubtedly one of the greatest television series of all-time, and you'd be a fool to miss it.

  3.  Perfect.... for a veteran.


    The crux of any Smash Bros. game has always been complexity via simplicity. i.e. Easy controls hiding mountains of hidden depth. There's an attack button, a special attack button, a jump button a block button and a grab button... and that's it. "Easy to learn, Difficult to master" is an old saying that applies perfectly here.

    If this is your first delve into a Smash Bros. game then be ready love it and hate it in equal measure. You'll love it for the epic scale of the battles, the slow learning curve, the gradual understanding of the mechanics and physics of it all... but you'll hate how damn much you love it! Me and my friends have been playing the Gamecube version if this for nigh on 6 years and showed no signs of stopping save for this sequel. And this IS a sequel...

    As a sequel you're already expected to be quite familiar with the controls and inner workings of the series, which can be a pain especially because (i think atleast) the difficulty has been amped up on this edition. Unlocking characters outside of The Subspace Emmisary is much harder than in Melee, due to the increased difficulty coupled with not knowing what moves they possess but this challenge also adds to the fun.

    The graphics on this Smash Bros game are pretty great: bright, interesting colours; excellent animations; astounding character design and level design, you're never without something pretty to look at.

    Now, I realise the Wii is a family console but this is NOT a family-friendly game. The difficulty to master the controls will put off many family members and thos that do master it will no doubt get in many an argument, however, if you've a child that loves him some Nintendo he will ADORE this.

    There is Nintendo goo spewing from it's every orifice, there are hundreds of trophies to collect featuring nearly every Nintendo character from the last 25 years, a cast of 35 characters any Nintendo fan will love taking control of and LOADS of in-jokes contained in the games many, many levels.

    Overall, a game no Nintendo fan should be tortured with living without.