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  1.  The end of an era - leaving the best till last!!


    This is without a doubt the best series of Smallville to date. Too bad it can't get better, considering it's the last season... ever. Disappointing really as I have grown up with this show - it's the end of an era. A ten year saga - that just got better as it went along. Clark Kent finally becomes Superman - with a few hiccups along the way, friendships becoming danger close to breaking and the promise of a cape at the end... what's not to like!!! This will take pride of place next to the other 9 series I own - a complete set... can't wait!

  2.  Instant classic!


    I missed out on this film when I was younger. I have only recently watched this and I must say it is... AMAZING!!
    There isn't a film that comes much better than this. For a film from the early nineties, this is absolutely awesome. The photography and cinematography of the three animals is astounding. It is breathtaking when there are scenes of the three animals running through open areas and through rivers - my favourite scene in terms of filming is when there is a chase sequence between the older dog, Shadow and a cougar! Absolutely amazing and for a kids film - I was surprised to find myself on the edge of the seat spurring this dog on... Fantastic!!
    The voices of the dogs are truly hilarious - Michael J. Fox as the younger dog Chance is brilliant. The actor who voiced Shadow, the older and wiser dog sadly died shortly after filming this but he adds such charisma and personality to the dog... hey, it brought me to tears at points!
    If you have never seen this, I will say to you what my friends said to me when they found out I hadn't seen it - shame on you!! It truly is one of the best non-animated disney films ever created and you will not be disappointed - BUY IT NOW!!!

  3.  Best TV Show...EVER!!!


    This is without a doubt the best TV show ever created - well, in my opinion anyway! It's superb from start to finish. The characters are fantastic, the script is hilarious and the plot keeps you on your toes at all times.

    Chuck season 1 and 2 are good but this season is on a whole different level. Chuck is learning how to become a proper spy in this season - and with that comes a lot of laughs, surprises and quite a lot of Yvonne Strahovski (aka Sarah Walker) to the rescue!!!

  4.  Fantastic fun - superb!


    Just finished watching the pilot of this show. I thought it was fantastic. Very clever plot and a whole heap of really good acting. The main guy (the guy who played Bryce Larkin in Chuck) is awesome! He is the definition of cool!!!

    The main basic plot is that a con man is released from prison so he can work with the FBI to catch criminals with some very clever plot twists involved in each episode. It is so sophisticated and slick - it would be a crime not to order it now - you will not regret it...

  5.  Jack is Back!


    This season is immense! Have just finished watching episode 16 and I was on the edge of my seat. Jack is back better than ever before. And where would Jack be without Chloe... and also, Kim graces us with her presence in the first few episodes - this has got to be an incentive to watch it in the first place!!!

  6.  This film is what cinema was made for...


    I watched this film on New Year's Eve with the knowledge that it was meant to be the most breathtaking film of the decade. I was right about one thing - it was breathtaking. However, in my opinion, it was the most breathtaking film ever created.

    I watched it in 3D and the world of Pandora came to life. Every single scene is filled full of immense and stunning colours, amazing scenery and lovable characters. I remember watching Lord Of The RIngs and afterwards, wanted to go to New Zealand to visit the amazing landscape of Middle-Earth. With this film, I want to go to the planet of Pandora!!

    I am going to watch this again next week - can't wait. This film is what cinema was made for - fantazmagorical - 12 out of 10!!

  7.  Comical class


    I watched this a couple of nights ago and thoroughly enjoyed this. It is a pure Simon Pegg classic. However, it is also so different on every level.

    There are several love interests for Mr Pegg, one of them is the gorgeous Megan Fox and the other is Kirsten Dunst (also gorgeous!!). This alone makes the film.

    For someone trying to get into the world of celebrites, this is pure genius. And for 6 pounds, it is well worth the money - got to love the best line said by Simon Pegg's character. He tells his father that Brad Pitt is not a cave in Yorkshire!!

  8.  I loved every second!


    I watched the trailer of this when it first came out and have been wanting to watch it ever since. Finally got round to watching it a few weeks back and it was worth the wait.

    It is pure genius. It is about a 10 year old boy (Lewis) who has a fantastic mind and therefore, is a great inventor. All is going swimmingly in his life until a strange boy from the future tells him he is danger. Then all hell breaks loose as Lewis is taken to the future in a time machine for an adventure that is out of this world.

    This is one of my favourite films now as the plot is so clever. For a Disney film, (in my opinion) this is one of the best.

  9.  Memories...


    This is one of the best cartoon films of all time. This is one of the first films I can remember watching. It's pure genius! Brings back memories...

  10.  I REALLY REALLY can't wait for October!!!


    I have literally only just finished watching this season.
    OH MY GOD! It is absolutely amazing - if you liked season 1, you will love this.
    Also, if you like watching 24, or Heroes, then this is right up there with the top television shows. BUY IT and if you have no idea what it is about just know this... an absolute geek (who happens to get all of the US government secrets downloaded into his head) manages to score with the hottest, sexiest babe ever. Megan Fox, get out the way - Yvonne Strahovski would kick your butt any day!!