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  1.  Better gloves are out there


    Bought these on sale for 5pounds but they are worth 2pounds at most. As the one below says mine also had a hole in the glove on the left thumb. Also the finger parts were all different random lengths so they looked odd. I was also going to say that I have really skinny fingers and it still was really really tight on them but coming back too review it seems they have added *womans* into the title. So all in all i would look elsewhere. Just tacky which is a shame from atticus...

  2.  Not the best


    Got this thinking it would be the best game out there for the move. I don't want to go into detail but personally unless you find the demo great I would look elsewhere as I found the game really boring and lacking fun gameplay like the wii.

    Just feels like something that could be in Home for free. 7 different games and not even tenis!!! Just table tenis. Just find the music dull and the characters have no life and soul about them except there cheesy intros in each game you play.

  3.  Not worth it


    Its a pop off lid, so leaks like mad
    500ml = more like 300ml

    just got to a shop, find one that has a screw on top, as this goes half in your mouth and half down your top. So glad i spent 5pounds on it....not

  4.  good for £80 - best to replace desposible


    I just been looking around for a cheap camera that i won't have to worry about if it gets dropped as its mostly going to be used for nights out, gigs and general activities where it may get damaged. Although i have yet to use it on any of these as i just got it over 4hours ago (3days to come in post) i am really impressed with the quality for 80pounds.

    The case feels solid, the buttons are a more to the plastic side but feel tight and firm. The picture quality is outstanding, although the auto mode always uses flash even when its well light over exposing so may have to use more manual settings.

    The camera is lightweight and the same size as every other standard size compact.

    One thing i will use a lot is the video capture, it wasn't going to be amazing for the 80punds but it certainly is very good, only thing i can say against it is the auto focus find it hard to realise that it needs focussing but that may be down to the fact i was moving it around to various focal lengths which may have confused it.

    Package contains:
    usb cable
    usb plug (not had much luck with these in past but seems to work well with this product)
    battery (just the one)
    start up guild + warranty
    driver cd
    av cable without red just yellow and white

    If the product lets me down i will be back here to let you guys know. But so far i recommend to get it cheap while you can!!

    Been using it out and about, no way of saving settings, focus is really good until you actually take photo it will most of the time go out of focus or take ages taking the photo making it blurry. I thought thats out its just the shutter speed i'll change it, no way of changing it so very hard to get good photos.

    I took it to a gig, was stood at the back and near no one moving to knock me or antyhing but from the photos you would think i was in the pit. Video quality is just a little better than phone quality (5-8mp phones) but the sound just cuts out at any sudden or loud noises so don't think it would be good for videos.

    Hope this helps people, i think i have decided on this being good for nights out, festivals instead of a disposible etc, DO NOT GET IF YOU PLAN TO USE VIDEO RECORD, GOING TO GIGS OR ANYTHING THAT WOULD REQUIRE A FAST CLEAR SHUTTER

  5.  Does exactly what it says on the tin


    Does everything as described
    Very fast, does make a little more noise than i'm used to from drives but o well

    Only thing i can't say that works because i haven't been able to try it is the labeltag, gives no instruction as to what cd's, software etc support it so i doubt i will ever use that which is a shame

  6.  Top Notch


    not a mouse expert, but i have been through a lot of them. ordered this because it was cheap and looked good. Have to say it feels amazing in my hand, it looks great and all the buttons work perfect.

    Recomend it!!

  7.  works perfectly


    i was worried it wouldn't split the connection that well but so far its like they haven't been split at all. Speeds are great.

    Don't worry if you have split your connection already, mine is split at the router to four connections. And i split one of them with this one into two more.

  8.  worth it


    they are over priced as they are just pieces of plastic but they really do make a difference
    i got them for the hell of it and no i can't use my controller with out them on

    BAD POINT - they pop off easy after heavy use, so i super glued mine on

  9.  good cheap flatscreen tv


    I bought this tv at the beginning of the year because it was the cheapest and biggest flat screen, hd and free view ready tv.
    The first one i got the tv ariel didnt work and free view didnt work. I phoned LG and the customer support told me to buy a song or samsung. Even though that was said i got play to send me a new one and it works perfectly now.

    It's a really good tv and i would reconmend it. I haven't tested HD yet so i don't know what thats like.

  10.  Great film


    It's a really funny film, and its at a really good price.

    Specail features lack good content, may aswell not have any.