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  1.  Welcome to Ivalice, Squares 4 or so year in the making RPG


    Before I write anything else, I have completed the game to its conclusion, and most other things associated with it, so what i am about to write is my opinion, my opinion should in no way decide whereever you should drop 10 pounds on this game, however for the price it would be silly not too.

    Final Fantasy 12, as a game took years to create, with quite a few "inside issues" at square, this was one game that took a lot of sweat and tears to bring to its end, and was it worth it?

    I would say yes, the graphics although a little dated, are actually some of the best the Playstation 2 can do, this is a game that reminds me very much of an Offline Final Fantasy 11, the world is vast, very big, and you my friends only explore a few parts in the entire game, some maps may take you minutes, even half an hour to cross if you decide to stand and fight the enemy.

    The story was one thing that didn't draw me, they introduce Vann as the main character yet the focus really isn't on him, more on a certain Princess, an Imperial Soldier that is now "traitor" and a certain sky pirate who has a bunny girl sidekick.

    What do i mean by this? quite simply, in my opinion Vann is the observer, watching and getting his moment ocassionally to shine, think of him more as someone you control, like yourself who gets into all kinds of weird and wonderful situations, and involved with characters that bring him way over his head, yet, at the same time, he is there, just there.

    Other characters take the lead so to speak, it isn't your typical main hero guy saves the day, more a team thing.

    My only complaint is that it is nothing more then a glorified fetch quest with a story adapted around this fact, you may get a cutscene and get told what you are looking for is.. not there or elsewhere or something "may" happen

    with all this being said Vann and Penelo do have their moments, although Vastly Over shadowed by Basch, Balthier and Asch.

    The game has "mark" hunting, which means at various pubs "taverns" people have placed bountys on monsters, which start off easy and get increasingly more difficult, it is actually something that gets unlocked more when the story progresses.

    So there you have it, we have Summons in the way of espers, we have a large world which you could get lost in, we have real time battling, no turn based, well kinda, you select a command and freely control a character, so its like "attack" "wait... zzzzzzzzzz..." "sword swings again" "dodge enemy" etc

    I personally was disapointed in the game, granted I am sure I will be rated badly for being disapointed but the story wasn't the greatest.

  2.  Naruto The Story Begins


    Before i write anything, i have been following Naruto since the American DVDS came out, buying both the editted(tv broadcast) and uncut versions.

    Anyway, Naruto is a very well known Anime series that was adapted from the manga, starting as early as 2002 in Japan, and the manga and anime are both ongoing.

    This collection will introduce you to the world of Naruto, introducing the Main characters Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi and more importantly Naruto, it tells of how they all live in the village hidden in the leafs, and are training to be Ninja under the Guidance of Kakashi.

    As with any show, we have episodes that are fun and designed to gently ease you into the flow of the story, and Naruto is no different

    Quite simply, we get the introductions and Ninja.. etc.. the point of the show basically, the groups first mission, and lastly the Chunin exams start.

    I reccomend watching this is whichever language you feel comfortable with, it really isn't bad in Japanese or English, purists will prefer Japanese, I prefer english

    if you want to get stuck into a long running series that has passed over 200+ episodes in total and has a new series in Japan that looks like it will never end, then try Naruto, you won't be disapointed

    Also don't worry about the age thing, I am over 18 and I love Naruto, i don't find it childish, even if you are an Adult reading this, give it a go.

    Part of the fun of watching anime can also be the videogames made after them, why? because you can play as Sasuke, Sakura, Gaara etc, if you have a PS2 and wanna buy the Ultimate Ninja games, which are great mind you

  3.  My review of the card


    Before I write anything else, I am in no ways an expert in computers so this review will not contain anything technical, more from what I can see with my bare eyes, and from what I have observed of it when running.

    Alright, so this graphics card is PASSIVELY COOLED, meaning it has NO Fan.

    The graphics card works with Windows Vista, to a reasonable degree, I haven't tried on games yet.

    The box is rather small, it comes with a driver cd, and some cable I don't recognise.

    It makes a tad bit of heat but not much, as I write its been on for an hour or two.

    It's an okay card. sure it only has 128mb of ram, but if you want something to tide you over and your not really a gamer, or someone that wants games on high settings, then give this a try.

    And just to confirm the box says Windows Vista Ready, and has 128mb of DDR ram
    I have no idea how I find the clock speeds.

    Warning, the driver CD only has drivers for Windows XP etc, if you have windows vista you will need to go onto the pny site and download the 32 bit vista drivers, or use whatever drivers nvidia has that are compatable with this card.

  4.  for the casual gamer(arcade edition)


    Xbox 360 is a great machine that couldn't of come at a better time, it has the looks, it has the brute power to power even the most epic looking games such as Mass Effect, it has the best online gaming/internet hub ever created, it has so many things to download and take advantage of if you have the hard drive it is, quite frankly silly not to be impressed.

    for example they are introducing xbox originals, where you can pay a fee and play older xbox games forever on your hard drive, they have downloadable content, downloadable movies, downloadable video clips downloadable extras for your games.

    Needless to say if you have the money and time it is like heaven, not to mention new arcade games to buy every week :)

    Moving on, Xbox live has something called video/voice chat, in games you can talk by headset, removing the typing distracting you in games, not to worry you can still send people you know messages in text but voice is just a god send. and if someone annoys you, or if you are not sociable just mute everyone and have a quiet but pointless gaming session, xbox live is something you just have to play and speak to the world in games, and actually make friends, otherwise you may as well stay offline.

    The xbox 360 has a great selection of games, literally every possible gamer is catered for.

    the unit well the newer ones have HDMI enabled at the back so you can plug in and go, depending on your tv, will depend on the resolution you get when first starting up.

    Ignore the Red Ring of death comments, sure it MAY be a problem, but honestly if you have a warrenty, or a store warrenty, you can always wait a little while and get it back repaired

    be sure to give the thing ventalation, it runs cool sure, and be sure not to hammer it for days straight gaming, just to be safe lol

    rest assured, i dont think everyones unit will go.

    if you are someone looking for a proper games console, look no further the games are at an amazing price, you can pick the games up cheap enough


    if you are a hardcore gamer get the elite or pro console

    arcade is for casuals you need the hard drive to take advantage of the consoles online capabilitys to its fullest

    non hard drive unit with mem card is good for aprox 256mb of stuff off the live service i think...

  5.  I am new to the series


    Personally this is my first step into the the half life 2 universe, and i decided it would be on the Playstation 3.

    When i loaded the game up i was required to install some data, upon doing this i was sent to a screen with the option of playing

    Half life 2
    Half life 2 episode 1
    Half life 2 episode 2
    Team fortress 2
    and lastly Portal

    Since i hadn't tried the origional game i went onto portal, Portal is a game which looks amazing on PS3 by the way, where you play as this woman in the aperature science place, eventually recieving a portal gun in which you shot a location, a portal appears, and you appear on x location on the map, it sorta is the input, output thing, you use the portal gun to solve puzzles, and that is as far as i got.

    Now moving on the Half life 2 game you start off as Gordon freeman on the train, again i didnt get majorly far, still in city 17, but this game is kinda fun, the graphics are nice, and everything else feels really polished.

    if you are new to the series or first person games in general, why not try this? i wasn't disapointed, it hasnt held me for long but it's great none the less

  6.  Best choice i made in ages


    Before i write anything else i went into the game not knowing a thing about it, only that everyone on play.com loves this game, and that was enough for me, so i went ahead and aquired the game from the local shop, and to be honest it was the best choice i have ever made.

    As another reviewer has stated this has the indianna jones, meets Tomb raider vibe, purely because you are Nathan drake, a guy that does more action then Lara will ever do, and at the same time you are an adventurer, with a cool attitude, and a love for the moment, and of course driven by the fortune of Sir Francis Drake in your adventures.

    I think this game will appeal to anyone who LOVES tomb raider, and for everyone who LOVES the feeling of actually being imersed in the game and a part of the adventure.

    the game has a fairly heavy narrative, with voice interaction between different characters, for example an old man you meet for the first 10 percent of the game, you actually talk to him automatically as you walk around and help him around the level when you reach locations previously inpassable.

    Not to worry, it isn't difficult, and the game shys away from that leading to your solo adventure.

    The graphics are beautiful, the moments are right, the level design good but i have one complaint.

    Where the shooting bad guys was good in all, it dragged on, for example i found myself shooting endless amounts of bad guys over exploring, there is simply no way past locations without killing everyone in the area in 90 percent of the game, i am not saying that is BAD per say, i am just saying the game gives explore, kill bad guys, kill more bad guys and more whilst exploring and explore again, add the cutscenes here and there and everywhere and you are, quite frankly set

    Also you can collect treasures, around 60 if i remember correctly, you can also rewatch cutscenes, and believe me, this game has a LOT

    Worth the money... sure.. would i of waited till it was budget priced.. nah, and by the way if you are still unsure about the game, they have a demo on the playstation store, that should be enough.

    Well anyway, game rocks, try it now :)

  7.  Help the waterfall village! - Naruto


    Before i write anything else i have watched the american dvd that has been out to buy in the US and import sites, and places like playusa for months now and this is my honest opinion.

    Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi are hanging around a lake area, helping out some kids and the leader of the hidden waterfall village, until something important to the story happens, Kakashi takes his leave, leaving Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to deal with the situation

    I am not one for revealing spoilers, but the dvd is the length give or take of 2 episodes combined into one, i havent watched the Japanese dub, only the english, which was alright.

    The volume has a lot of action scenes, and memorable moments between the baddies and the good guys, with a fairly good climax, which leads to the ending obviously, all in all this is a good self contained story that i believe any Naruto fan will enjoy

  8.  Familiar with Frederic Chopin anyone?


    Frederic was a famous composer, who i believe was situated in france, well Tri-Crescendo, with the expert Motoi Sakuraba for the music, have created a beautiful and epic RPG game for the world to play.

    Basically Frederic Chopin is on his death bed, as accordance to the real life version dying of tuberculosis? he then drifts into a dream like world to him and thus the game begins.

    People picked up on the whole fiction and non fiction side of the game, needless to say the moment you step into the RPG world the story then goes to fantasy and nothing of truth about the real life composer is actually shown.

    i think the game is beautiful, the battle system is well done the story is pretty much well done with quite a few interesting twists and a few sad ones too.

    try this game or rent, it currently has a demo on xbox live so if you are undecided then download.. no excuse not too

    5 star game!

  9.  beautiful tin


    Before i get rated badly for not having an amazing review, what kind of review can you give for a tin? this is all new to me but bear with me.

    Okay.. so i bought this tin a short while ago, it is fairly small, but it is well decorated and it is pretty strong, the top doesnt feel strong though, it survived a drop from around 5foot with no dents(it fell off the shelf by accident)

    The tin contains a half dozen booster packs, and also the top of the tin contains the rainbow dragon card that has 4000 attack points, i believe you need the crystal beast cards to actually do anything with it

    Anyways the rainbow dragon card is safetly stored in the top conpartment with the card secure against well anything in plastic
    be careful when opening

    it is worth taking a look, i kinda like

  10.  Okay Volume


    Basically this volume evolves around Negis conflict with a Vampire Woman turned Girl by his father, Evangeline, also, around the class dodgeball situation, basically some older girls have taken the court and they have a game to see who can stay.

    again this is another "school" based volume, with a fair amount of characters being introduced in the class(girls)

    the opening music is again fun, by the name of Happy Material

    take a chance and watch :)