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  1.  Amazing TV - Highly Recommend! BUY BUY.


    I bought this TV yesterday and wow, it was first of all bigger than I expected, it's huge. It's response time isn't slow, it's quick, it has built in Freeview, It's Wall mountable, it's got what you want. It's perfect! I've got it in my bedroom and with the PS3 connected via one of the 3 HDMI ports, the picture is AMAZING, It's like a CINEMA! Watching Blu-rays on it is fantastic! It's perfect for everything, Sound & Picture good, it's not even heavy, it's glossy design is really good, and for Freeview, all you have to do is plug in an arial at the back and you're ready to go.
    Didn't take long to set it up, I highly recommend.
    I'd give 10 stars if possible :)

  2.  Help please


    I'm interested in these, I have the Samsung SM932MW 19" HD Ready LCD TV, (on sale on Play.com as well) and the TV is connected to my PS3 via HDMI cable. The TV has 1 Scart input and 1 HDMI and loads of other inputs. The scart is connected to a freeview box, and HDMI to PS3, but how do I connect this system to my tv or whatever, so I can use it with freeview and PS3? What cable to I need, how much is it.. where do I get it from. I just want to use this system with my TV so I can use with PS3 & Freeview. Please help!

  3.  Immaculately Fantastically Absolutely Perfectly Amazing!


    The world's best console. Let me demonstrate.
    The PlayStation 3'S Good Points against the XBOX 360.
    1. The PS3 has Free Online Gaming out of the box.
    2. The PS3 has Memory Card readers [This version does]
    3. The PS3 plays PS2 games.
    4. The PS3 has Built-In WiFi, which connects to your home wireless router simply.
    5. The PS3 has a simpler Interface.
    6. The PS3 has a Blu-ray Drive. This is the future, and allows you to watch movies in High Definition, true HD. Blu-ray discs are the future.
    7. The controllers are all Bluetooth, they're rechargeable via the cable that comes with the PS3.
    8. The PS3 has built in bluetooth, allowing you to have a blu-ray bluetooth remote, bluetooth headsets to speak to online players.
    9. The PS3 has 4 USB Ports, My 60GB PS3 has a PlayStation Eye PS3 camera connected, with a USB keyboard and Mouse.
    10. The PS3 is a much more powerful console, it IS the future.
    Bad points about the PS3:
    .....Oh god, so hard to think of some!
    I am so sorry i cant think of any!
    On the other hand, the XBOX 360's bad points: how long this wil take!
    1. No Bluray Drive
    2. Less USB ports, if not, none!
    3. No HDMI, only in the 360 Elite console
    4. Online costs
    5. Controller isnt bluetooth, battery immediately finishes
    6. Weak console, gets the 'RROD' Red ring of death! This totally kills the console, and you have to wait weeks for it to be repaired if they let you.
    7. the console is ugly
    8. It scratches discs easily
    9. DVD is now old to be on a 'HD Console'
    10. It has no built in WIFI
    11. No web Browser
    12. No memory card readers
    Lots more...
    I highly recommend the PS3, you will not regret it, especially with PlayStation HOME coming out soon, a free online community where you meet up with PS3 users worldwide online the PS3, and you get your own appartment, with your own furniture, you can voice chat, text chat with people live, you can go bowling, its basically the sims in high definition it is absolutely amazing, its coming soon. for more info, head to wikipedia.org and search playstation home.
    This console is described in one word: Perfect. Simply Perfect!
    What more can I say, told you everything. Thanks for reading my review I guess! Buy this console, and I promise you 101% you will not regret!
    PS. The PS3 has by far outsold the XBOX360 console!

  4.  Perfect, Impressive.


    Bought this, got here, turned it on, had it connected to ps3 in less than a minute in a couple easy steps. 1st of all, it has all the PS3 buttons on it, L1 L2, circle, square ect.. even the PS button, to turn on ps3. this feels glossy like ps3, its quite tall, and has PlayStation 3 at the top. very sexy. i recommend it! great if you use it for films, DVD's blurays and even ejecting games, cos it feels better than controller outa games.! i recommend! buy while you can.