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  1.  The Best Firewall/Antivirus Around


    Used to have Norton which was good back in 2006 but the newer versions have become huge memory hogs and slow your computer down. I have been using Kaspersky since 2009 and can honestly say they are the best around.

  2.  Not Worth a ****!


    Set this up with my iPhone 4 and 56 reg Honda Civic the signal was very weak and gave terrible sound quality. The music wouldn't play for anymore than 20 seconds before the signal dropped out and my car changed to the closest radio station. I tried disabling auto-select on my car but that didn't make a difference. Needless to say I am very disappointed in this product despite only paying a tenner I expected it to at least play my music even if the sound quality wasn't great.

  3.  Fantastic


    Bought these for 9.99 which was a total bargain, the bass and sound quality is outstanding for the price. My only complaint is the lack of volume/track control hence the 4 stars.

  4.  Excellent Price


    Got this for twelve quid total bargain for 32GB capacity. The card isn't the quickest in the world but if your just using it for photos this won't be an issue.

  5.  Outstanding


    Does exactly what it says on the tin, i.e. lets you use your xbox 360 controller to play PC games. All buttons, sticks and triggers are configurable after you have installed the software and syncing is very easy just hold the button on it as you would with your xbox 360 and it will sync up. (of course remember to sync it back to your xbox 360 when you want to use it with the console again) - Tested on Windows 7 (64-bit)

  6.  Excellent!


    This is my first Sat-Nav and must say im impressed, setup is flawless and the mount easily sticks to your windscreen.
    I live in glasgow and so far its taken me around everywhere without getting lost. You get a free map update with this and you can download lots of free content like voices, arrows and colour schemes. I also downloaded all of the UK speed camera locations for free, now it bleeps when im approaching them.
    Would definitely recommend this, its a fantastic price for a tomtom!

  7.  Outstanding


    Very cheap for a 4 gig card, bought one for my Sony K770i and now I can store much more music and videos. Highly recommend!

  8.  Pretty Awesome


    I bought these for driving and for 9.99 I wasn't disappointed. They are very stylish and comfortable, Ive had better shades but these are a bargain!

  9.  Fantastic! even better than the first game!


    Having played and enjoyed the first game I had to get this!

    The graphics and gameplay are now very evolved.
    The new exp bar down the bottom which moves up when you get kills is awesome and gives it an arcadey feel. The storyline is very exciting but reasonably short so I suggest playing it on realistic difficulty this will also unlock the campaign achievement.

    Online play is still amazing on the new maps and most of the old maps from vegas can be downloaded for free aswell. Still the occasional glitches and lag but very rarely.There is plenty of unlocks, achievements and fun to keep you playing for a long time.

    Whether you have played the first game or not i highly recommend this game at £9.99 it is just too good an offer to turn down.

  10.  I Expected Better


    Even for £7.99 these headphones are a let down at volume over 50% they sound inaudible and there is way too much bass in them. Don't get me wrong i love bass hence why i bought in ear headphones but they sound awful. The headphones look and feel cheap, the sound quality is poor your actually better buying standard ipod headphones to be honest.