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  1.  Call of Duty: Black Ops


    i am really impressed by this game. the graphics and sound quality is amazing. the campaign in breathless. shows great action of the cold war. the multiplayer is heaven. the ordinary team deathmatch, free for all, search and destroy etc returns PLUS the wager matches.

    GUN GAME: i really like this mode. first of all you start with a Python Revolver and as you kill enemies in a FFA style, you get better guns. in the beginning, the weapons are light damage and kinda hard to use but as you progress to SMG and Assault Rifles it gets kinda easy and when you get to Snipers and equiptment it gets hard again. this really keeps you on your toes.

    ONE IN A CHAMBER: (MY FAVOURITE) this is like FFA aswell. Small maps and your equipt with a pistol with only 1 bullet, a melee knife and 3 lives. this is heart racing as you have to watch every corner for enemies as you only have 1 shot. placing first is kinda important.

    STICKS AND STONES: you have a crossbow with a explosive point, a ballistic knife and a tomahawk (like a throwing knife from MW2). small maps again and its really fun as its not boring as you keep firing bullets. instead you fire arrows and knives.

    SHARP SHOOTER: every 45 seconds your weapon changes to a random weapon which everyone will have. for example if you have a Skorpian dual wield (AKIMBO) your enemies will have Skorpian dual wield. its kinda fun as you dont feel left out as someone has a better gun than you.

    Gambling your COD points is a good way aswell to keep your running as you know you dont want to loose your COD points, you want to earn more.
    for first time players to cod, there is COMBAT TRAINING. you choose what map and what class and you fight BOTS. your friends on PSN will convert into COD BOTS and you fight them like your fighting in a real COD online match. just to practice. its kinda handy as you practice your aiming and your skills.

    So overall i prefere this game than MW2 or MOH as its much more fun.

  2.  EPIC


    I am so amazed. This game is fantastic. No wonder its "game of the year" . Single player is fantastic, Multiplayer is fantastic
    Graphics 10/10
    Gameplay 10/10
    THE GAME 10000/10

  3.  WIKED!


    The most best movie i hav seen in centuries!! Best buy and u should pre order it now becuz itzz da best

  4.  Ok


    Its a nice statue not excellent but nice 2 put in rooms lol

  5.  nice


    Nice very nice triology and anakin is my fav :) and also darth sidious :0